Changing Careers

Justin Salyers (Janitor)


Not feeling like a janitor anymore, or simply not whatever you are? Follow these quick tips on how to shift you career into a more favorable direction.

Considering a Change: Exploring Your Options

Discover: Learn what your passion is by taking a career interest survey.

Research: Explore potential options for a new career that suits your interests; gain background knowledge on it.

Developing a Plan: Mapping Your Moves

Gather: Look up the company that you're wanting to apply for; go through information about them.

Interview: Set up an interview for where you're wanting to work at in your new career.

Leaving: Inform your current employer of your departure at least two weeks in advance if you are offered the new job.

Making the Change: Burning No Bridges

Quitting: Depart from your current employer on a good note, don't "just leave," make sure that they know in advance (at least two weeks).

Cut the Drama: Do not storm out of your job or criticize their company, it will make you look bad.

Beginning the New Journey: Showcasing Your Experience

Incorporation: Integrate your current skill set with your new career.

Initiative: Do things without being told; show that you are devoted to your work.

Set the Stage: Pave a smooth path for your new career; complete assigned tasks on time and at a professional level.

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