History Of Croydon

By Ollie And Alvin

Who Where The Original Inhabiters Of The Land?

The original inhabitants of the area were the Wangal people .

The men did the hunting and made weapons and transport but the woman had to do the gathering for the eating .At night they would dance and play the digerydoo to worship the dream time which was thier religion . After they had used up most of the resources they would go on search of a different place to stay until all of the stuff had regrown. They lived in huts made of natural resources that were sustanable to live in but that or changed when the British arrived.

Who were the first settlers, why did they move here and how did they live

John Townson was the first resident to live in Croydon,and Sarah Nelson was the first woman to live in Croydon.

British people (specifically Captain Arthur Philips) traveled to Botany Bay which was dry and sandy so they traveled up to Sydney Harbour and started the colony there.They built Croydon because it was between the two main settlements,Sydney and Paramatta.The land was naturaly flat so it was good for farming and the soil was moist.The British lived in fancy mansions until the land was subdivided so more people lived in Croydon.The British people farmed crops for food and hunted animals for meat.

What have been some of the major events in Croydon?

Croydon has undergone a lot of major events like when John Townson's house was burnt down by Aboriginals (possibly led by Pemulway), who was an Aboriginal who wanted revenge of the British for taking their land and killing Aboriginals. The British have changed Croydon from being a resourceful place for Aboriginals to a suburb with a lot of houses and different types of buildings. Some major events was when Paramatta was opened to the public which is now one of Croydons major roads which leads to Parramatta. Judging by the name and when Five Dock train station opened and was renamed Croydon train station. Croydon was popular for all their brick pits which meant that more houses were built of bricks.
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How has Croydon changed

Croydons population is now 8,786 and more people are aged under 18 then over 18. More females than male and more people are Christian then any other religion. Croydon is now advanced with tecnology and is more modern then ever. Croydon is a very popular suburb and has a place called the Strand which has a lot of shops. It is a desirable suburb to live in and property prices have sky rocketed in recent times.
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First Fleet Arives 1788