Lizzy 89

Lizzy Story (Owner of corporation)


We sell some of the highest quality cloths at the greatest stile great for ANY occasion. From causal to the most beautiful wedding dresses in all of north Carolina we keep our prices at just the right amount! We can provide any costumer almost anything they desire, just ask one of our trusted employees!

What make this a Good Investment

This business is a good investment because no other store combines all the styles and occasions into one like we do. Costumers get style, and price at their best interest making there wear the trending topic.

Our positions

  • This business will require 3 manager and the owner (myself) in order to make sure the business is well maintained due to the size. They will have to collaborate and be at the store when i can not. (Part of union, $62,154 per year)
  • There will be plenty servers in each department of the store in order to keep the costumers happy at all times if they are needed for assistance. (only select members will be apart of the union, 15.34 an hour depending on their part in union)
  • Cashiers will be important to the business and they should have the speed in order to keep up with the demand. We do not want costumers getting impatient. ($12.49 an hour)
  • Although the store is not likely to get very messy. A few janitors will be of need to keep the sanitation 100% healthy to the environment. ($25,134 a year seeing how they complete the work)
  • Social manager; in order for business to boom the advertisement has to be spot on and the social media should give entail and updates on the greatest trends in the store.
  • Money manager; Making sure the products going out and the money coming in matches and secures our network from identity theft


  • Our website
  • Our twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook
  • Depending on the type of money we receive, the TV could be an option but In the meantime, Over the radio will be the best choice
  • Guerrilla Advertising
  • Billboards

Growing Meet

Monday, Nov. 21st, 6:30pm

North Carolina, United States


This meeting will allow the store to grow by giving the corporations most trusted employees a chance to speak there mind on how the business can overcome and achieves the goals or obstacles we come across.

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Every Earth Day is one of the biggest events for Lizzy 89, we are able to get more than 5000 volunteers to go throughout the state and pick up the trash in the worst areas. We are given protection and keep it fun by eating out at restaurant meant for entertainment. We like to keep the environment healthy while keeping ourselves happy.


  • Hangers
  • Racks
  • Products
  • High grade Cash Registers
  • Uniform T shirts for employees