Mrs. Antonelli's Classroom

********** Reading and Language Arts **********


This is brand new and I'm excited to see how it works. You will find spelling lists, important dates and other valuable information.

We will be in Week 9 starting Monday, October 22, 2012.


Fall Benchmark is October 30.

Veteren's Day is November 9.

Thanksgiving Holiday is Wednesday, November 21 through Friday, November 23.

Early Release is November 28.


WEEK 9:1. way 2. these 3. niece 4. might 5. show 6. float 7. brain 8. mean 9. close 10. tried 11. cube 12. uniform 13. stayed 14. price 15. usually 16. gated 17. paper

WEEK 10: 1. children 2. search 3. teacher 4. reached 5. think 6. together 7. with 8. where 9. everywhere 10. short 11. push 12. finish 13. sure 14. who 15. whole 16. truth 17. batch

WEEK 11: 1. into 2. today 3. without 4. something 5. become 6. upon 7. myself 8. everybody 9. everyone10. maybe 11. outside 12. basketball 13. homework 14. skateboard 15.earthquake 16. rainbow 17. afternoon

WEEK 12: 1. awful 2. called 3. falling 4. mall 5. small 6. straw 7. drawing 8. longer 9. song10. along 11. bought 12. brought 13. rough 14. tough 15. strongest 16. Autumn 17. stall


WEEK 9: We are looking into those all important NOUNS!! WEEK 10: Still working on NOUNS!! WEEK 11: We are reviewing nouns, singular and plural nouns, and common and proper nouns this week.


We are working on Edmark Reading Program. We have a nice assortment of books on tape. The kids listen to the story and answer comprehension questions. We are beginning to explore the reading passages that will eventually lead to the STAAR Test in February.

The kids will be working very hard and may seem frustrated at times. The passages are not easy and can be quit daunting. Let me assure parents that modifications and accommandations will be used.

The kids are learning new strategies to help them understand the questions. Scroll down to Strategies to see what we have learned already!

WEEK 9: "The Snow In The Desert" This was started Friday, October 18.

WEEK 10: "Jean Goes To Camp" with a graphic organizer.

WEEK 11 and the following weeks: "The Three Little Pigs" retold, also a rebuttal from the Wolf's point of view.


WEEK 9: We are working on MAIN IDEA

WEEK 10: We have completed the main focus on MAIN IDEA. However, we will continually review the concept.

WEEK 11: We are starting SUMMARY and learning a new strategy.


*D - T - M: D = Define T = Transfer M = Match This strategy is used when a word is underlined in the text. 1st - you use the context clues to define the word. Write what you feel the definition is on the side close to the underlined word. 2nd - Transfer what you noted in the text to the answer options. 3rd - Match your definitions to the correct option.

*STAR Summary: S = Stop T= Think A= And R= Retell This strategy is used to determine the main idea of a story. Step 1: Who or What is the story about? Step 2: What event is taking place? or What is happening in the story? Step 3: And, So, But, Then... What happens at the end of the story. Match your response to the answer option.

* B - M - E: B = Beginning M = Middle E = End This strategy works very well for summary questions. Step 1: Divide the passage into three parts ( beginning, middle and end). Step 2: Beside each answer write B M E. Step 3: Carefully review each answer option. Mark each letter as you determine the location of that part of the answer. Do this for each answer choice. Yes, it does take time. The correct answer will have a sentence from the beginning, a sentence from the middle of the passage, and a sentence from the end.


All the kids behaved wonderfully Friday (11/2) morning when we had an unscheduled Fire Drill. The wait outside was longer than usual. The kids stayed in line, remained quiet, and waited patiently for the signal to return. I'm proud of everyone!

Last week I sent Good Behavior Tickets home. The kids will receive one each week unless I have to put their name in the discipline book. At the end of this nine weeks I will draw two names from the pile of tickets stubs. One child from each class will win something special.