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Decisions decide outcomes!

If that's not too tautological for a Monday?

Should Slammin Sam have been on the bench? Should Ford AND Farrell have started? Should Lancaster have made the penalty call? Should Robshaw have gone for the 3 points? Should they have thrown to the back of the line out?

Questions, questions, questions that fuel the joy-fire of sport.

Whatever your opinion, the World Cup has broken several records but as yet no hearts!

A day of reckoning beckons on Saturday for England.


CLIENT FOCUS-Fight the flab and still taste fab!

Congratulations to Synergy Flavours who have launched a new flavour range for protein and weight loss supplements.

Have your cake and eat it and go to the gym!

Happy days at Old Trafford

Shaun Heelan and guests enjoyed the rare pleasure meeting of Fred The Red at their recent visit to The Theatre of Dreams.
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