Apple Trees Through the Year

Apple Trees in Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall

The Apple Tree Life Cycle

Just like you, apple trees change and grow. Apple trees can live for over 100 years! Find out what an apple tree is like in the winter, spring, summer and fall to help it grow strong and make yummy fruit!

How the Cycle Goes

In the core of all apples, you can see apple seeds. Plant an apple seed. Apple trees grow from apple seeds. Buds grow on the new apple trees. Apple buds grow into flowers. The flowers grow into fruit. At the core of the fruit is apple seeds!

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Apple Trees in Different Seasons


Apples are ready to for you to pick in the fall! Apples fill up with sugar in fall. This makes them sweet and yummy. Some sugar stays in the tree. This sugar is for the new buds that will turn into apples next Summer. When it is colder, the leaves fall off. The baby apple buds stay on the tree. They will grow after winter.