The battle of the Alamo

By: Matthew Redlinger

Imagine fighting for what you believe in like land, and your rights.

Battle of the alamo

The Mission San Antonio de Valero held Missionaries and Native American converts for a long time before the government distributed the land. About 150 rebels who brought their families along so there was more than 200 people in the Alamo. General de Santa Anna brought the Mexican forces to the Alamo and they started a seige. It took three attacks for the Alamo to fall. The slaves were spared and so were the women and children.

General Description

The Texas Revolution started when mexico made slavery illegal. The Texans or tejanos were furious with the government so they started a war to get their rights for slaves.The first battle was in Gonzales in September of 1835 to start the revolution. The Alamo was another important battle because nearly 4 times the amount of Mexicans died. The revolution ended in May of 1836 with the treaty of Velasco with the Texans getting lots of land.

Impact on people and places

The Mexican government was redone after the battle to improve the central government. Joe was a slave and so was Sam they were both spared by the Mexicans in the battle of the Alamo. The Alamo stopped Mexican troops from getting through to higher priorities. The war ended with the US getting most of the south west portion of america in the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. It improves the surrounding places because upwards of 2 million people visit each year.

Important people

Bowie and Travis led the defenders of the Alamo with Davy Crockett against the attacks of Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna


Manifest Destiny is that everyone in America will do anything possible to grow in land and in size (population). The Americans were traveling to gain land and they moved to mexico and they Mexicans disliked their culture so they made laws preventing slavery. The time that these Texans were in they had not heard of Manifest Destiny but they believed in the idea of it. We got a huge portion of america because of people who believed in their rights and fought for them.