Liberty Hospital

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Their Mission

Their mission is to improve the health and well being of those as they work in partnership.

They take PRIDE in all their work, PRIDE stands for:
Partnership with each other and the customers.
Responsibility, use of our resources in order to keep financial viability.
Integrity in human and business relationships.

Dignity in treating each person with respect and compassion.

Excellence in customer and clinical service results.

Liberty Hospital Foundation

This funds programs that have impact patients and employees in a positive way at the Hospital. Helping out with this foundation helps them provide valuable resources to hospital employees and patients, support the community health education and programs, under-insured and under-served patients, and offer pathways to education for any future or current nurses in our area.

Contact Us

Postal Service Mailing Adress:

Liberty Hospital

P.O. Box 1002

Liberty, MO 64069-1002

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