GMO's,killers of society

Rachel Murphy,8th period

Their History

The creators of the "GMO"(Genetically Modified Organisms created in a lab),were made by Monsanto-a company first designed to kill weeds decides to make food as well.At first,the news was a push-over.Thats when farmers started making more money,and Monsanto took rebeller's to court,spending thousands of dollars.

A Total Failure

"10 years of Failure,farmers Deceived by GM corn"is the story of farmers in the Philippines crops of the GMO infested by stronger pests emerging.Many were impacted in the devastation.Another failure was with the African catepillars new resistance to GMO corn,which created a new resistant dominant trait in the species.

Harmful to environment...and humans

Mosquitoes were almost considered "superbug" after being soon to be resistant to recent pesticides.Lots of weed issues are also arising inside farm sites.The worst impact is how GMO's are impaling most foods needed for common wildlife a;Butterflies were costly once milkweeds were dying around the country.

The Big Picture

We have no clue what else is in store for us with the GMO's,but so far it has been a menace and criminal to many.Monsanto is not just a crime on humanity,it is destroying its food,and producing bigger threats.None,not even their own creators know what else is in store from this new-made killer.
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