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Col. John O. Ensor Middle School 5.03.21

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Dear Ensor Families,

This week is a very important and special week!

We continue with the next round of STAAR testing this week! Our 8th graders will tackle the Algebra I EOC on Thursday and then 8th Grade Science on Friday! If your child is reporting to campus to complete either of these exams this week, please remember to have them do their ESWIPE and to report to their designated check-in area. There is a special designated drop-off area for check-in specifically for our remote students coming in to test. Additional information can be found below in this newsletter.


We also celebrate our wonderful Ensor Educators!


May 3rd-7th!

I would like to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to all of our teachers who have managed to make this year a memorable one! While it hasn't always been easy, navigating the every day changes of our community health situation, our teachers made it look easy! With hard work, long hours of planning and collaborating, researching new ideas and strategies, and simply learning by trial and error, our Ensor teachers were able to prove that they, too, are lifelong learners ready to adapt to any given circumstance to make learning possible. Thank you, Ensor Educators! This week we celebrate YOU!



Online Registration for RETURNING Eagles CONTINUES!

Please help secure your child's spot at Ensor by completing Online Registration as soon as possible!

With our high enrollment at Ensor, we want to ensure that your child returns to us for the 2021-2022 school year. By completing Online Registration as soon as possible, we can also ensure that your child receives the electives that they chose with our counselors.

Failure to complete Online Registration as soon as possible could result in students being placed into electives that they did want and schedules that we will not able to modify or change because of our increased enrollment.

The link to a short video created with instructions on how to login and how to retrieve your login/password can be found at the end of this newsletter.

Here are our latest grade level percentages of completed online registrations:

  • Incoming 6th Graders: 67% Complete
  • Incoming 7th Graders: 58% Complete
  • Incoming 8th Graders: 57% Complete

Let's work together to be the 1st Middle School to complete 100% Online Registrations!


As always, Eagles, please remember to practice social distancing, wear a mask, and wash your hands regularly so we can all do our part in keeping Team SISD safe!!


Ms. Estrada-Batson


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Parent Online Registration Assistance Video

Click here to access the video for Parent Online Registration Assistance.

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Link to ESWIPE

Please click this link to complete your ESWIPE before coming to campus to STAAR test.

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What Color Zone Are We In? What Does That Mean?

A lot has changed at the Nest. We have now transitioned into the "GREEN" zone and will work to continue receiving our current "RED", "ORANGE", "YELLOW, and now "GREEN" zone scholars on campus.

The district will continue to honor the safety zone designation previously identified by parents.

When the hospitalization rate changes to a different zone (Red = Above 20%; Orange = 19.9% to 15%; Yellow = 14.9% to 10%; Green = Below 10%), school leadership will communicate with parents who have chosen their children to be on campus in the current zone about the transition.

Team SISD is committed to a safe return to on-campus instruction and, as with all COVID-19 plans, it is important to note that details may be subject to change pending the state of our local community health and new guidance issued by national, state, and local authorities.

To recap, here is what we need to know about how this affects our school:

We are now in the "GREEN" zone.

We will continue receiving our RED, ORANGE, YELLOW and now GREEN zone Eagles on May 3rd, 2021.

Students identified to return in the current safety zone will have the option to return to campus. All parents will continue to have the choice to keep their children learning remotely at home for the remainder of the school year, or can update their safety zone selection by communicating with their campus administration.

Our safety protocols and procedures remain in effect and I can assure you that we are doing our best to keep all our students and staff safe.

For any parent that selected "RED, ORANGE, YELLOW or GREEN" zone and wishes to change to remain on virtual learning, simply contact the school and ask to speak to an administrator.

As soon as we receive the next update, I will send an updated newsletter to our families.

Safety Procedures for On Campus Learning

ESWIPE is REQUIRED: Prior to arrival, ALL students attending on campus instruction, are REQUIRED TO COMPLETE ESWIPE BEFORE THEY ARRIVE to school.

Parents and students are BOTH expected to responsibly submit their child's ESWIPE with honesty and fidelity. Failure to complete an accurate ESWIPE may result in the student being moved to the GREEN zone and/or full REMOTE, which is now supported officially by the Ensor Middle School School Improvement Team, effective March 10, 2021.

Please remember, that our goal is to mitigate any spread of COVID-19 on our campus and to protect all our students and staff from infection. And it is because of my commitment to all our families - both those of our students and staff - that I share this expectation with you, as well as the potential consequence. So, please, if you are not sure how to submit the ESWIPE for whatever reason, I ask that you please contact me or anyone on our leadership team so that we can guide you to avoid any potential setbacks. This includes reaching out to our counselors, nurse, front office staff, librarian, administration, etc... and we will help you.

Arrival and Dismissal: Parents are not permitted to walk students to the door and are to remain in their vehicles at all times.

***Students are to arrive between 7:45am-8:10am.***

Bus Pick UP: Parents MUST wait with their child at the bus pick up until the bus monitor does a temperature check BEFORE the child boards the bus.

Mask: Students are to wear masks at all times upon arrival to campus. Teachers will provide mask breaks to students periodically. Students may wear their own mask or one that will be provided by the campus. It is good practice to send your child with an extra mask so that they are always prepared even after they leave school.

Ensor Parking Lot: Ensor parking lots will be closed. Parents are not permitted to park in the parking lot unless they have a pre-approved appointment with the school. Please contact us at 937-6001 if you should need additional support.

Please ensure your child brings their own books and supplies with them. If possible, please mark your child's name on their items. STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SHARE SUPPLIES.

Devices: Students will be required to bring fully charged devices to campus every day. Only district devices will be used. They will take them home at the end of every day. Bring chargers.

Headphones: Students are to bring headphones with them to campus for their use. If needed, we will have a few on site to loan and disinfect.

Breakfast & Lunch: Breakfast will be provided to students in classrooms. Lunch will be provided to students either in the classroom or in the cafeteria, pending grade level overall numbers and ensuring capacity meet safety guidelines.

Classroom Desks: Students will disinfect their desks throughout the day. They will also be reminded to sanitize their hands and work station prior to transitioning.

Restrooms: All restrooms will have monitors directing traffic and will be disinfected throughout the day.

Water bottles: Water fountains are not available for use. Please send your child with a water bottle of their own.

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E-SWIPE...Every Day!

Team SISD staff and students will continue to use the Electronic Self-screening Wellness Information Protocol for Entry or E-SWIPE to check their daily health and wellness before leaving home, every day, prior to entering our campus. It is important to ensure that indicators are selected, as needed, with the utmost honesty. Failure to report an indicator could have potential setbacks to both our staff and our student's return to campus until the "Green" zone. Please understand that our efforts are to mitigate a campus spread and the reason our community entrusts their children to our school and our staff. Any deviation can potentially place children and staff at risk. Together, we can work to keep everyone safe.

The more frequently noted ESWIPE indicators are as follows:

-Someone in household showing symptoms within the last 14 days;

-I have taken a COVID-19 test and am awaiting results;

-Feeling Sick

-Been in contact with someone who has possible exposure to COVID-19 within the last 14 days

E-SWIPE is required for entry to all SISD school and district facilities for the 2020-21 school year. Check out where you can find the app below!

A Few Continuous Reminders...

Attendance is extremely important, Eagles!

As we continue with classes, remember that attendance to all your classes is a mandatory, Eagles. Please make sure you are logged in by 8:15 AM and maintain cameras on throughout the day, unless teachers direct otherwise. If for some reason students are not able to log in, please contact the school by phone at 937-6001, via email to administration, counselors, or teachers. We will do our best to help ensure access is provided as quickly as possible.

In the event you are absent, remember to forward you notes to attendancejohnensor@sisd.net or please call the school at (915)937-6010.

Nurse Hernandez is always available to help, Eagles!

Team SISD continues to work in collaboration with the city to contact trace each COVID case. If your child tests positive, please complete the wellness form on ESWIPE. Nurse Melissa Hernandez will be contacting you for details. Know that we are keeping each of you in our thoughts as so many of us as affected by COVID.

Thank you!

Ensor Eagle Counselors

Our wonderful counselors are always ready to help and to guide! Please feel free to contact them!

Bianca Peña, 8th Grade Counselor



Olivia Wright, 7th Grade Counselor



Belinda Ortega, 6th Grade Counselor



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Click Here for the MEANINGFUL MAY Calendar

Click here for a copy of the Meaningful May calendar.

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SISD Online Learning Tips

Please visit our SISD online learning resource page designed to help guide parents through the many questions that may arise during remote instruction.

This resource will also give parents a how to guide on different online learning websites and apps. A collection of how-to resources, videos, and tutorials to assist families who may need to troubleshoot during remote learning.

Resources for Parents - Online Learning in SISD - LibGuides at Socorro ISD

Staff Shout Outs are HERE!

Our young Eagles asked for a way to thank and/or recognize their teachers and staff during announcements in the morning. And we've managed to put together a flipgrid section where our students can access the link at the bottom of the flyer below to send a "Shout Out" to any staff member that they would like to give a verbal "high five" to. So far, our Eagles have done a great job recording their mini-videos to teachers and staff! So, we invite all our Eagles to send a "Shout Out" to any teacher, staff member, librarian, SCEI, custodian, that they would like to recognize!
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Ensor Eagle Administration

Our administration team continues to work to serve our community. However, you may not always find us in our office. Please feel free to leave us a voicemail or email us at:

Lisa Estrada-Batson, Principal



Moises Loya, 8th Grade Assistant Principal



Renee King-Aragon, 7th Grade Assistant Principal



Noe Cantu, 6th Grade Assistant Principal



Where Do I Send My Student's Doctor Notes When They Are Absent?

Parents, we have an easy way to submit your child's doctor notes to help manage their attendance. Simply send the note to the following link:


In the event you need additional support or to simply verify that we are in receipt of your note, you may always contact our Attendance Clerk, Ms. Mayra Fierro, at (915) 937-6010 or our main number at (915) 937-6001.

Thank you for your efforts in working with us to ensure we maintain proper attendance records, together. Our goal is to do our best to serve you and our Eagles when the need to be absent arises. Please feel free to contact us for any support.

Student Work Packet Drop Off

Eagles, if you are not able to send your packet work to your teachers via email or TEAMS, don't worry! We still have our Student Work Packet Drop Off Box ready to receive your assignments.

The box is located at Ensor Middle School in the front area of the school.

Please make sure all assignments have your Name, Student ID#, Date, and Teacher Name.

Simply make your way to school and drop your assignment in the box!

And that's all there is to it! We will make sure your assignments get to your teachers.

Dropbox is available Monday - Friday from 7am to 5:30pm; Until 3pm during intersession.

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Eastlake Feeder Pattern NEWSLETTERS

Eastlake HS

Horizon Heights


Dr. Sue Shook

Mission Ridge


Desert Wind


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2020-2021 Academic A/B Calendar

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KEEP SISD SAFE - A message from your School Mascots
Online Student Transfer Request Form

Click here to complete the Transfer Request Form for the 2021-2022 school year.

Link to Ensor House Bill 5 Presentation

8th Grade Families: Click here to view the HB5 Presentation

SISD 2020-21 Back to School Safely Webpage

Please click on this link to view the latest SISD school safety information.

Click Here to Visit the Ensor MS Web Page!

Visit the Ensor MS Web Page for All the Latest Updates!

Col. John O. Ensor Middle School

Lisa Estrada-Batson

Proud Principal

Col. John O. Ensor Middle School