Bluford High The Bully

by: Paul Langan

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my claim

People treat each other baddeley because they are different from them or the majority. This is shown in ( Bluford High The bully ch.2 p.240 “I’m . . . new around here,’’ he mumbled nervously, “and I’m going to Buford.” “Buford? What’s that? You stupid or something?’’ the big one demanded as his friends laughed almost on cue. “ I. . . I mean Bluford,” Darrell stammered, “yeah . . . Bluford.” “Why didn't you say that in the first place? You got some kinda speech problem?” the big one asked. “Anyhow, you ain’t foolin’ nobody. You some sixth grader tryin’ to pretend you’re in high school.” This shows they are trying to find something on him that is different so they can pick on him. This is also shown in Persepolis (ch.10 p.74) “ They insulted me. They said that women like me should be pushed up against a wall and fucked. And then thrown in the garbage …. and that if I don't want that to happen, I should wear the veil….”. This shows that just because she doesn't wear the veil she should be treated differently.This is also shown in (The House On Mango Street ch.The Monkey Garden p.96) “ I said, Sally, come on, but she wouldn’t. She stayed by the curb talking to Tito and his friends. Play with the kids if you want, she said, I’m staying here.”This is showing that she is groping her as a little kid so she is different and that is a bad thing.

crustal points of the book

The main turning point in this book is when Darrell and his mom moved from Philadelphia to California.

Another big point in the book is when Darrell first came face to face with Tyray and his friends.

Also a big part in the story is when Darrell meet's Amberlynn.

Another turning point is when he tries to make friends at lunch.

Another is when his history teacher stand's up for him in class.