PLC Health Update

November 2021

Thank you!

I am happy and proud to say that Pineland has not had one positive case of Covid-19 this year in our school building or transmitted in our school building. Our staff and students have been doing a wonderful job following the protocols and procedures that have kept us even more safe. Thank you parents for being proactive when your child has exhibited symptoms at home and have kept them home until we have confirmation that they are not positive. Thank you PLC staff for being careful as well. We must continue to be proactive and cautious.

Unvaccinated Staff

Weekly testing has begun for staff who are not vaccinated. 78% of Pineland staff are fully vaccinated.

Student COVID-19 Screening Testing at School

We are happy to announce that Pineland is moving towards being able to screen our students in the school building when a student is determined to be a close contact or exhibits possible COVID-19 symptoms. This screening will be done by a state approved medical company. This will help us keep students and staff in the school building for teaching and learning.

COVID-19 Quarantine or Isolation

If your child has COVID like symptoms or they have been a close contact please do the following:

  • keep the student home
  • call the school nurse
  • have the student tested

Your child may need to quarantine or isolate between 7-14 days

If you have any questions about this information or the process please call the school nurse at 856-378-5020 ext.305

Pandemic Response Committee

To be proactive and make sure that we continue to have in-person learning as much as possible this year, we will be reconvening as a group to discuss the pandemic and the possibility of needing to go to a remote learning model for a period of time. If you are interested in joining this group, please complete the survey through the link below.

Parent Survey Link