Stagecoach journeys

A classic ride back into the 1800's

The most vintage, luxurious ride in the country!

The stagecoach was the most efficent way of transportation before the railroads.

It's History

Inventor: Abbot downing company

History: After it's invention you could transport mail in a faster, safer way. They also carried settlers and to the west.

Impact on North Dakota: Russel Blankley traveled to the red river valley and offered 1,000$ to anyone who would put steamboats on the Red river by 1859, The price was later raised to 2,000$. A wagon route was quickly made for supplies and settlers to get here and create new trade routes.

Mark Twains quote:

"Like a cradle on wheels"

Stagecoach Driving in the Dakotas


~Great experience

~interact with Horses

~Hands free


~More dangerous


~Can only travel short distances without stopping