Bobcat Bytes - Special Edition!

March is Reading Month!

Dear BVL Families,

March is National Reading Month. According to National Today, "From the time when the building blocks of our character are laid, to adulthood when we seek to escape from the humdrum of daily life in the pages of a book, reading plays an integral role in shaping us into who we are. With the advent of smartphones and tablets, it is more essential than ever to motivate children to read." This is a month to celebrate the privilege of being able to read, so curl up on the couch and enjoy a good book.

5 Facts about Reading that Will Blow Your Mind!

  1. Reading is a great stress reliever

    Studies show that reading reduces stress by 68%.

  2. Reading isn’t everyone’s strongpoint

    An estimated 40% of students are considered poor readers, but by reading more, all students can continue to grow!

  3. It all adds up

    Reading just 20 minutes a day adds up to reading 1,800,000 words per year.

  4. The fastest way to build vocabulary

    Children learn 4,000–12,000 words every year by reading.

  5. Classroom libraries create bookworms

    Kids in classrooms without mini-libraries read 50% less than kids with classroom libraries. Since we are a virtual school, your mini-libraries can be built at home!

We'd like to celebrate this month by inviting your students to participate in a few events! Check out what we've got below!

Mrs. Walroth

BVL Director

Daily Activity Calendar

Print off the calendar below and participate in the recommended activity each day. Once you complete the activity, take a picture and upload it to this link.

Each submission earns students one entry into a drawing for free books! We'll be drawing winners throughout the month. Enter as many times as you'd like!

Big picture

Grades 6-12 - GooseChase!

Students in our secondary grades (6-12) are invited to participate in a virtual scavenger hunt through GooseChase. Winners will receive free books!

Here are the instructions for the game:

  1. Download the app "GooseChase" on your device (only works on smartphones and tablets, not chromebooks).
  2. Use the game code LKXQZ6 to join the game.
    1. Be sure to create a username that is your actual name so we know who is playing/winning
  3. The game will officially start on Tuesday, March 1 and close on Friday, March 18.
  4. Once the game begins, missions will be displayed for students to complete.
  5. Students can keep track of their submission and points, as well as other people's.
  6. Check back often to see if new tasks have been added!
  7. Winners will be announced the week of Monday, March 21!
  8. Have fun!!

Book Cover Contest

Draw a picture of your favorite book cover and submit a picture of it here. Contest entries can be submitted through March 31, 2022, and we'll have prizes for the winners! This is open for students of all ages, and prizes will be awarded in grade bands.

Book Talk

Use this Flipgrid to tell us about your favorite book. This is another opportunity that is open for all ages. Every student who submits a book talk will be entered into a Book Raffle!

Virtual Story Time

Join us on Zoom for virtual story time. We will have a different Mystery Reader read a story the following Thursdays at 7:00pm (March 10, March 17, & March 24). You can access the story time at this link:

(Meeting ID: 807 219 1939, Passcode: 385980).

All students are invited to attend, but the story will be appropriate for lower elementary students.

Why We Love to Read!

  1. Reading is exciting

    Reading takes us to exciting new places, enchanted lands, and even faraway galaxies. When we read, we can be detectives, explorers, and heroes. Ever stayed up late to finish a book by flashlight under your covers? Or missed your bus stop because you were so engrossed in a chapter? Reading adds excitement to our lives!

  2. Reading makes us smarter

    Did you know that reading actually increases your brain power? It’s true! Regular reading can slow the decline of memory and brain function that comes with age. And of course, as Dr. Seuss says, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.”

  3. Reading is relaxing

    Even reading for just six minutes can reduce stress, according to research. In fact, reading is more calming than listening to music or going on a walk! Curling up with a good book and cup of tea (or another favorite beverage) is one of life’s great joys — and relaxers.