Dawn Wales

Advantages of CTE Classes

1) students can explore career interests (Kuder, Endorsements)

2) hands on learning

3) Student Leadership Organizations

4) can get certifications and experience for the work force

5) proven dropout prevention (American Institute for Research,2013)

Supporting Current Endorsements

1) Lead our department in reviewing new building design with current endorsements in mind

2) Make sure courses are offered so students get every credit needed for that endorsement

New Endorsements

1) Review endorsements (percentages) to see if we are offering the right endorsements

2) Advocate for new endorsements that fit with what we already have in place

3) Advocate for new endorsements that fit with our new CTE building vision

4) Advocate for allotments

Supporting EOC

1) Students who take CTE classes are less likely to drop out of school (several studies have supported this statement) . Sometimes it is the CTE class that keeps the student coming to school; I have heard many anecdotal stories of this.

2) Students are more motivated when they have real world connections to school work which CTE classes provide.

3) Relationships matter...most CTE teachers have a bond with students.

What I Will Focus On

Keeping in mind that we need to increase scores for low SES, ELL, SPED, and our African American population:

1) I will take the time to look at our at-risk students and evaluate their endorsement plan and connect them with CTE teachers.

2) I will try to get our at-risk students involved in certification programs within their endorsement plan.

3) I will continue to support the School Age Parenting Program, a specific drop out prevention program within our department. I requested this program be started at WC many years ago and was the teacher for that program for 10 years or better.

4) I will encourage my staff to try ideas and methods from the Engaging Students with Poverty in Mind book, These ideas will be presented in either weekly communications with the department or in department meeting discussions.

5) I will encourage my staff to have a specific reading/writing strategy within their classroom.

6) In the classes that utilize math, I will encourage the department teachers to help fill in missing skill sets that are identified.

7) I will work with the ELL and SPED department to get to know our struggling students and to do strategizing between our 3 departments. This would be a team effort with all of my department.