Classroom Newsletter

Sanders' Sunflowers

Week of January 13-17, 2014

Information and Reminders

  • Our class did a great job on the morning news show last week . Thank you for making sure your child arrived on time.I was very proud of their hard work.
  • It's hard to believe but January 13th is the end of the second nine weeks. We are now half way through the school year.
  • I am attending a writing session in Columbia on Monday, January 13th. The students will not bring home writing response journals this week. The substitute will not be taking the students to the reading room to get new books.

Important Dates

Jan. 13 - end of 2nd nine weeks

Jan. 13- reading log is due

Jan. 17 - reading celebration

Jan. 22- report cards go home

Jan. 28- 100th day of school

Important Connections and Links

This is a direct link to my email and my website. I have also included the school's phone number.


Weekly Story : The Big Trip


-Identifying the main idea and details in a story

- reading words with long e (street, read, me, Pete)

- reading words with endings of -ng and -nk

- reading and writing questions and using question words (who, what, where, when, why, how, etc.)

- using and writing questions and statements

There will be a spelling and sight word test on Friday this week.

Sight Words:

1. about 2. could 3. sure 4. by 5. don't 6. there

7. car 8. maybe 9. many 10. seen 11. even 12. feel


We will continue our new math unit on place value. The students will work with base ten blocks to learn how ten 'ones' make a 'ten' and 10 'tens' will make 100. The boys and girls will use the blocks to visually see how the numbers are grouped together. We will also begin to write numbers that are 'ten more' and 'ten less'.

Ex. 67, 77, 87

Science/Social Studies

We will begin a combined social studies and science unit on earth materials (rocks, dirt, soil) , what they are made of, and how we use them. The students will also be learning about democracy, voting, and laws in America.


Mon. -practice sheet; spelling words

Tues. - practice sheet; spelling words

Thurs. - practice sheet; practice spelling test

Fri. - no reading response journal this week.