Mendenhall Friday Flyer

Don't Believe Me? Just Watch.

Monday, May 16th- Friday, May 20th

What's Happening?

This Week is National Educational Bosses Week

Monday, May 16th

Wear college or AVID shirt w/jeans

3:00PM - 4:00PM - Vertical Team Meetings

Tuesday, May 17th

Trading Post - Please bring badge AND loot to shop

9:00AM - 10:00AM - Parent Ed Program in Library

Wednesday, May 18th

Wear team shirts w/jeans

4th & 5th Grade Dell Perot Van Tech

8:00AM - 1:00PM - Principals' Mtg @ Sockwell - Karen & Jen

3:00PM - 4:30PM - Team Planning

Thursday, May 19th

8:00AM - 4:00PM - ESL Specialists Mtg @ Sockwell

8:00AM - 11:30AM - Office Manager Mtg @ Sockwell

Friday, May 20th

Wear Field Day or 2015-2016 Staff Shirt w/Jeans

Field Day!!!!

8:00aAM - 11:30AM - SLP Mtg @ Sockwell


May 23 - K-4th Grade LPAC/CMIT

May 24 - K-4th Grade LPAC/CMIT, during planning if needed

May 24 - Staff Dinner 4-6pm

May 25 - Ambassador Party

May 25 - Mendenhall Senior Reception

May 25 - Mendenhall Citizen of the Year Rotary Club Banquet

May 26 - SBIC Meeting

May 27 - Student Holiday/PDH Day

Staff Kudos

Pam, Thank you for all that you do for our department. Your expertise in paperwork and working with the students has been most helpful. You always offer great advise. You are an all around great person! ~ Michelle Reid

Chad, Thank you for teaching our social studies lesson the other day while I took care of another matter. You are so good with the students and you had them all engaged! The kids love working with you. You are doing a super job. ~ Michelle Reid

Lan, Thank you for coming to our school to take care of our comptuers and technology stuff. You organized our student computers so nicely which in turn made it easier for our students to access the computers. I told you thank you and you were so humble, saying that it's your job. Well, you are super at it and I appreciate you! ~ Michelle Reid

Connie Smith, Thank you for the Highlights that you brought to me the other day. The kids have already started enjoying them. You were sweet to think about us. ~ Michelle Reid

Alex Droogsma, Thank you for making me feel so welcome in your class for math support. You are sweet to welcome my contributions during instruction. I love watching you teach. Your classroom management is amazing and effective. I am learning a lot from you. Thanks so much. ~ Michelle Reid

Pedro, Thank you for keeping our school so clean. The floors always look clean and shiny. Thank you for all the extras you do such as adjusting desks, moving file cabinets, etc. I'm not even sure that you have email access but I am sure someone will share this with you. Thank you again! ~ Michelle Reid

Bhavi, Thank you for letting me borrow your social stories for some fourth grade boys. I felt that it was pretty effective in helping them with some social skills. Also, thank you for sharing the social story website. They enjoyed seeing that too. ~ Michelle Reid

Connie Smith, Thanks for making labels and doing all the little stuff all year long for me. I appreciate it more thank you know, and will miss you next year. ~ Courtney Brooks

Lan, Thank you so much for being flexible and helping 3rd grade with computers. You are always so helpful and great with my kids. ~ Courtney Brooks

Kim Madden, Thanks for pulling and extra group this year form my class. They have loved reading the chapter book with you. You're great! ~ Courtney Brooks

Kinder team, Thanks for the cute sign and all the goodies during STAAR. We definitely needed the extra goodies and the kids loved the sign. ~ Courtney Brooks

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Every Kid is ONE Caring Adult Away from a Success Story

Every Kid is ONE Caring Adult Away From Being a Success Story

May and June Birthdays

May 8 - Lupe Segura

May 22 - Maria West

May 25 - Alex Droogsma

May 30 - Debbie Conrad

June 5 - Maria Gallastegui

June 6 - Marcy Feist

June 7 - Wendy Miller

June 10 - Andrew Watterud

June 11 - Valerie Sinquefield

June 12 - Elia Soto

June 13 - Angela White

June 20 - Nina Close

June 24 - Sharon Eaheart