By: Jazmin Hurley

Biodiesel is very good for the enviorment!


- Can be used in cars if it is good enough quality.

- Wouldn't need to change the engine or design of car if used in cars.

- Would improve air quality.

- Reduce health problems & pollution

- It is renewable

Background Info:

Biodiesel can be very use full. It would save people money and the environment. The air won't be as polluted so people won't have as bad medical problems and animals won't be in so much polluted air.

Can be made from plants such palm oil, oilseed rape, and/or sunflowers


- People drive fewer miles on biodiesel.

- Palm oil cause deforestation in some places.

- Poor working conditions on palm oil plantations.

How It Works:

It's a combination of a biofuel and normal diesel. So you plant the plant and then you mix it with the diesel. It has an low energy density.