Beautycounter 2015!

Recap: January Kick-Off Meeting & Founding Member Meeting

2014 Year in Review - and 2015, here we come!

Congratulations on a fantastic 2014! I wanted to recap some of our amazing numbers from last year - to get you even more excited about this unparalleled opportunity in front of us as we start 2015! We have some aggressive goals for growth this year - so let's dive in! If you haven't yet set your 2015 goals, get together with your mentor and write them down (studies show that when you write down your goals you more often meet them!).

I also wanted to recap some of the highlights of last week's meeting. There is SO MUCH happening this year - it's going to be action-packed and super exciting!

Please take some time to review this information. If you're a local consultant, we're looking forward to seeing you at the February 2nd meeting (please see the Facebook group for further information and to RSVP). Our focus will be on training!

If you live in another area, keep your eyes open for a local meeting near you - many areas of the country are just starting their local meetings and would love to have you join them!

2014 in review:
- Beautycounter has experienced revenue growth of 500% since 2013.
- We currently have just over 5000 consultants, growing over 300% since 2013.
- Our average customer spends about $150 and repurchases about every three months.
- We have placed over 600,000 safe products in people's homes!
- As a team, we are over 300 consultants and growing every month.

Founding Member Meeting - Key Topics

We covered so much great information at last week's Founding Member meeting in Palm Springs! We're thrilled about the year ahead - from technology updates, to fantastic new products, to new field support in the hiring of our new Regional Director. Here are the key updates from each HQ area. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact me or your upline mentor. And please remember - this is "inner circle" information and should not be shared with those outside our company.

Beautycounter's Mission & Vision - and the importance of Culture & Branding

- Vision:
  • Become the leader in creating the safest, highest-performing, and most beautiful products.
  • Make the consumer care as much about product safety as he/she does about performance.
  • Compel broad-based change in the way products are made and be credited with putting the truth in beauty.

- What it means to be a "Direct Retail Brand"
  • Grow as a multi-channel business - direct sales, strategic partners, & e-commerce
  • Opportunity to reach a much larger audience combined than singular channels alone
  • Consumer can engage with our brand in the manner they prefer vs. forcing them to shop in one way

- Why Direct Sales?

  • The Beautycounter story is best told person to person
  • Development of a strong community around our necessary mission
  • Empowerment of women
  • Strong economies of scale

- What drives us?
  • Safety
  • Performance
  • Innovation
  • Education
  • Forcing Change
  • Triple bottom line: People/Planet/Profit - equal emphasis

- TPG Growth investment
  • Invested in mid-December 2014
  • TPG is the premier venture capital firm
  • TPG Growth (their middle-market investing platform), has invested in e.l.f., J Crew, Neiman's, Schiff Nutrition, & CAA (Creative Artists Agency) in LA

Culture - "The total of inherited ideas, beliefs, values, and knowledge, which constitute the shared bases of social action."

** So that we have consistency in all that we do, adherence to our corporate branding is extremely important. Think of yourself as a franchisee - you can run your business within certain parameters. Branding is HUGELY important. Please use the Print Shop resources that are available to us free of charge as consultants - there are some gorgeous pieces that have already been designed and are ready for you! If you don't see what you need, just place a request and allow two weeks' turnaround time.

2015 Sales & Marketing Plan

- 26 Products / 42 SKUs launching this year
- Reinforce existing categories with new product launches & extensions
- Add a new product category
- Launch new "trend" or "hero" products (like the Nourishing Cleansing Balm) - these are products that not every company has!
- Increase sample & travel sizes (yay!)
- Increase organic content in new products when possible
- Further improve ingredient transparency
- Continue to recruit new consultants
- Increase new Consultant activation (relaunch the "Start Counting" program)
- Build Loyalty & Retention with new Host Rewards Program and make Band of Beauty more robust; create on-boarding & training for each level of the sales field

Product Updates

- Protect Face: We have had some feedback about the most recently shipped Protect Face not spreading easily and getting clumpy. We are testing the product; it seems to have something to do with as the product ages - the SPF is still completely effective (so no worries there), but the product gets harder to spread and clumps. The product will likely be pulled and redeveloped.

- At the end of January a Color Collection presale package will be available at a deeper discount. It will include 3 eye duos, 3 eye pencils, 3 brow pencils, and 3 brushes at a consultant price of $195.

- Beginning in February, we'll have a permanent SKU for the entire Cosmetics Collection, again at a deeper discount and available at just over $800.

- Marketing initiatives include: Continuing to increase our social media presence (Facebook & Instagram), a yearly calendar for Band of Beauty member perks (get those clients enrolled - there are some great things coming!), co-branding and merchandising like the J Crew "Discovered" and Goop's pop-up shop, and partnerships.

2015 Sales Initiatives
- Continue to grow consultant force
- Increase new consultant activation; relaunch "Start Counting" program; develop training tools
- Build loyalty & retention through new Host Rewards program, Band of Beauty membership program, & on-boarding training
- Standardize consultant education

Starting in February, a "Welcome Series" of emails will be sent to all new consultants! Stay tuned for specific topics. In addition, HQ will be creating LOTS of new videos to help us train and market this year.

Technology & Operations Update
- Mobile App with swiper technology - integrated with BTC and with a full product catalog
- Learning Platform
- Lead management
- Splash invites - full, customizable invitation system with a mini-site for each social - Mobile friendly!
- Sailthru e-mail system - ability to personalize emails; more information emails sent (like when a new consultant joins your team); new consultant & member welcome email series
- Zendesk support - email notifications when your ticket is answered with the ability to reply; mobile-optimized

Customer Care
- Adding more resources in 2015
- Current staff takes 2800 inbound calls and over 1500 support tickets per month
- Our customer service team works VERY hard, so please remember to be respectful of them and their time.

Recorded recap available...

If you'd like to hear a recap of the Founding Member meeting, use this link - Laura did an excellent job covering the various topics on Monday!