By: Amna.A


The Irish are the group of people that originate from Ireland and its associated islands

During 2001 Canadians of Irish heritage were the fifth largest authentic group in the country.Today there are over 3,800,000 Canadians who share Irish heritage.


The Irish lived in an environment which was made up of many farms.Most of the land was rented by tenant farmers.The most common crop was potatoes.In Ireland potatoes grow even in the poorest soil.Although sometimes the crop failed many people depended on potatoes their for every meal.In Ireland not every one used to go to school. Some.Some children went to a monastery where all they did was sit and study.People called “Celts” would send their children to other families to learn new things.Girls would learn things like cooking,cleaning or sewing and boys would learn to herd,horse ride or use weapons. The.The Irish changed their way of life once they immigrated to Canada by job’s,education and food.


The Irish are Known to believe in many superstitions such as fairies and ghosts.The Irish believe that four leaf clovers bring you good luck,this comes from the bibicle story of Adam and Eve.They belive that when Eve was cast out of the garden of Eden she took a four leaf clover with her to remind her of paradise.When S.t Patrick found a three leaf clover in Egypt he was amazed.The Irish belive that you can see faries and ghosts while holding a four leaf clover.In Ireland it's traditional to give four leaf clovers to a newly wed couple,however the chances of finding a four is one in a million. Now it is not just the Irish who believe in these superstitions but many others.


In 1845 all the potato crop in Ireland caught a disease ,called blight.This disease lasted about 5 years.Without potatoes over 1 million people starved.Tenant farmers could no longer afford to pay rent.The Irish had no other choice but to emigrate.Most Irish imagrated on ships.Some landlords paid for their tenants to come to canada where they got a pool supply of cheap jobs.This was the greatest famine that had ever occurred in Europe during the 19th century.

The Famine

At the time of the potato famine Ireland was under the English rule.As priminister sir Robert Peel decided to help Ireland by Sending Indian corn and selling it for cheap prices.The poorest people could still not afford the corn.The people that could afford the corn had no Idea how to cook it because they had never seen such a food.


The Irish have built many houses,buildings,churches,canals and bridges across Canada .The Irish supplied many jobs that helped fulle Canada’s economic expansion.The bridge across S.t Lawrence into Montreal was also built by the Irish.Rideau Canal and Burns building,two of Canada’s most historical places would not exist if it weren’t for the irish immigrants.The irish heaved an industrialized nation into being.