Sipley School Weekly Newsletter

Week of March 23, 2015

Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.

Francis of Assisi

Bus Times

For those whose children get bus service, we have a new bus driver. It was brought to my attention that the bus has been getting at the stop too early. I spoke with the bus driver and our pick-up times should improve. Pick-up times are as follows:

7:41 - Egerton Dr @ Chesterton Ct

7:43 - Mason Ln @ Bening Dr

7:45 - Rutherford Dr @ Harcourt Dr

7:47 - Hampton Dr @ Ashton Dr

7:49 - Rutherford Dr @ Westbury Dr

7:51 - Westbury Dr @ Chesterton Dr

7:52 - Chesterton Dr @ Harcourt Dr

Please have your child at the pick-up location on time. If there are any other issues regarding transportation, please let our office know. The transportation company is very helpful in improving bus service.

Student Safety

We have reports that some children leave Sipley via the path near our recess doors and enter the cul-de-sac on Leawood Court where they walk in the middle of the street and continue to walk in the middle of the street down Leawood Lane as they walk toward 83rd Street. I will be out to talk with students about this in hopes that they walk on the sidewalk. Please assist me in talking with children about their safety when walking to and from school.

Tentative Last Day of School

Our last day of school is tentatively June 10. Our end of year STP picnic is scheduled for June 9. Our Awards Assembly will take place on June 8.

Kindergarten Preregistration

If you have neighbors who have young children and appear to be entering kindergarten, please let them know that our kindergarten preregistration is on April 8 from 3:30 - 7:00. Our local preschools have been given this date. We would like to capture as many students as we can on this date.

Online Registration

Online registration opens on April 15. We strongly encourage all parents who have children returning to Sipley to register as soon as possible. This allows us to make appropriate staffing decisions for children. If you need your user name and/or password to log into Skyward, please request that by contacting our office. If your child(ren) are not returning to Sipley, you will have an opportunity to let us know when we send home a request of 2015-2016 status.

Mrs. Hoopes

Mrs. Hoopes retired from our District last school year. She can't stay away and she has been volunteering time working with students. We are grateful for her generosity and the warmth that she brings to our school.

PARCC Testing

PARCC testing has gone well. I am pleased with the scheduling and overall implementation of PARCC. We completed the Performance Based Assessment (PBA). In May, we will complete the End of Year Assessment (EOY). The PARCC score will include the results from both the performance-based assessment and the end-of-year assessment components. A parent asked what information will be gained from PARCC? The PARCC Fact Sheet suggests that test results will be returned before the end of the school year. I heard rumors that PARCC results will not be ready until around September of 2015. Because this is a new test, the results may arrive before or after that estimated time. Currently, we are not using PARCC scores for any placement decisions. We will use PARCC results in addition to STAR test data, AIMSweb data, and report card data to formulate a triangulation of data that helps us analyze the strengths and challenges our students have.

Spring Break

Spring Break begins on March 30. Students return on Tuesday, April 7.

Here is a Glance at the Week Ahead

Wednesday - Players from the Chicago Steel will be here. Some players will read with students while other players will be in the gym playing hockey with students.

Thursday - Second Year Band Field Trip

Friday - End of Quarter Three

Saturday - Student in our Chorus will Sing the National Anthem at the Chicago Steel Hockey Game!

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