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Gifted Students Have Special Needs Too

We Need Challenges!

As a teacher, you have many ways of offering challenges and providing differentiation to the gifted students in your class. You can use a tiered approach to differentiate the curriculum in your classroom. Using this approach, different children in the classroom will be expected to learn different content knowledge and skills. (Learning for All, p. 120) You can change the content of the curriculum, making it broader to provide a deeper understanding. You can increase the complexity of the content, requiring greater higher order thinking skills. You can increase how fast the content to covered. You can offer broader and more complex choices for student's final products of learning. (Becky Hurwitz & Rosann Lacalamita, IEP: A Resource Guide Developing Individual Education Plans for Gifted Students: Information for Parents/Guardians. Association for Bright Children of Ontario, 2006 ~ Revised and translated 2008.)

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Gifted children need your support too! They will not just thrive in your classroom without consideration of their learning needs. Be informed! Find out more at http://www.abcontario.ca/