Aviator News

May 2nd - 6th

Learn. Connect. Serve.

Week at a Glance

Coming This Week:

Monday, May 2nd

  • Jeans Pass Day!
  • STAAR Oral Administration Meeting 3:10pm in the Conference Room- calendar invites have been sent to those who are needing to attend.

Tuesday, May 3rd

  • Watch DOG- Chris Heinefield (Jackson from O'Steen and Grayson from Jones)
  • AP PLC- Erin off campus today
  • 5th Grade Track Meet at UNT

Wednesday, May 4th

  • National Bike to School Day
  • STAAR Accommodations Meeting during planning time for 3rd, 4th, & 5th grade
  • Have you made your Positive Point of Contact?

Thursday, May 5th

  • Watch DOG - Corey Howard (Teylar from Kerner)
  • Vertical PLC Day! Schedule is attached to calendar invite

Friday, May 6th

  • Watch DOG- Mark McCord (Macie from Quinn)

Looking ahead to May....

May 9th - STAAR Testing, 3 & 4 grade Math, 5th grade Math (retesting)

May 10th - STAAR Testing, 3 & 4th grade Reading, 5th grade Reading (retesting)

May 11th - STAAR Testing, 5th grade Science

May 12th - Celebration Meeting - Shower for Connolly

May 13th - NrH20 Orchestra Trip

May 16th - CLT Meeting

May 17th - Future Aviators, PE Time 10:45-11:25

May 17th - Kinder Orientation 5:30 in the Library

May 18th - Running Club Field Trip to Eureka Park

May 19th - All student's library books are due today/ Guided reading books turned back in to the Literacy Library

May 20th - Adkins Fun Run & Field Day

May 24th - 26th: Erin off campus for T-Tess Training

May 25th - 4th/5th Clubs Field Trip to Globe Life Park to watch the Texas Rangers

May 27th - Art Club Field Trip to the Dallas Museum of Art

May 30th - No School/Memorial Day Holiday

May 31st - 3rd grade Market Day


June 1st - Fifth Grade Celebration/Graduation

June 2nd - Report Cards go home with students/Early Release

June 15th - STAAR scores reported (3rd/4th Reading & Math, 4th Writing, 5th Science). Once we receive your student's Confidential Score Report, we will mail them to your home.

Shout Outs!!

Bev was able to sneak a picture of Bart doing math drills with Ms Jones' kids during lunch! 7+7 had the Soto twins borrowing fingers from each other to get to 14!

❤️❤️❤️ his patience with these kids!

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Tech Time!

Are you Connected? Do you instantly know when someone shares a Google file with you? You can, and it is easy. Follow this link for step by step instructions for connecting your Google account to your Outlook e-mail.
If you need help, just call Lisa O'Rear!!