Medieval European Fashion

Women's Upper Class Fashion

Medieval Women's Upper Class Fashion

The women's upper class wore nicer and better things than lower ranked peasants who were not allowed to wear or have the same clothing as the upper class. The upper class women's clothing normally consisted of a dress or a skirt. The dresses different parts are the French cut neckline, the outer skirt and dress, the underskirt or petticoat, and jewels and accessories would be added. Only the upper class could wear certain fabrics that the peasants could not. Some of these fabrics are Silk,brocade,satin,cotton,lace,lynx fur,cat fur,and velvet. The upper class also would be able to wear certain colors that the lower class could not which include purples,golds,and silvers.

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European Fashion Today

Todays European Fashion is different then it was in Europe Mediaeval times. The northern European women and the southern European women wear different things. The Northern side wears more duller colors like greys,blacks, dark greens, and dark purples. The Southern side wears more brighter and cheerful clothes like pinks, oranges, yellows, and light blues. People in Europe wear jackets,hats, and scarves because of the wet and cold weather. People who wear denim are considered to have less valuable life then others.

The Future fashion in Europe

European fashion is beautiful and unique and inside the future can be even more that way. The Textiles group have been having meetings in 2015 for creating new textiles for european clothing through different technologies. Different designers use iPads and apple computers to create new looks. This textiles group and iPad and the apple computer can all be put together to design with new textiles in the future. One way people already use this is inside of New York City on the show project runway. On the show the designers design there looks for the designs on the iPads which can help impact the future fashion of Europe and svn all of over the world.