Stressed Out? Feeling Drained?

Could Be A Cause of Hurried Child Syndrome

What is it?

Hurried Child Syndrome is the result of major pressure on kids that should be playing and learning. It makes the children stressed out and grow up too fast. The children end up being adults instead of children.

How does it happen?

There are many reasons :

  • Divorce
  • Extreme emotional issues
  • Too many extracurriculars
  • Forced Education
  • Too much responsibility
  • Too much work

What does it affect?

Hurried Child Syndrome has increased the number of child:

  • Obesity
  • Suicide and Homicide rate
  • Pregnancy
  • Education fails

How can you prevent it?

Letting the children guide themselves, and limiting their obligations is the best way. They can be helped by guardians, but they need time to play and be a child. The best way for a child to learn without stress is to let them learn even if it means to fail.