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September 20, 2019

ITBS Assessments Next Week

ITBS Assessments (3rd-8th grade)

ITBS testing for grades 3-8 will start Monday, Sept. 23 and continue through Friday, Sept. 27. This standardized achievement test is one tool used to assess how your child is retaining the concepts learned in school. Of course formal assessments can be limited in that they also are subject to the variables affecting your child at the moment that the test is taken. That is why it is so important to help your child be at their best for test days. Please help your child follow the test taking guidelines below:

1. Get 8-9 hours of sleep each night

2. Eat healthy and hearty breakfasts

3. Stay hydrated (water)
4. Plan to exercise to clear the mind

5. Stay positive and strive to do your best!

Week of Worship

Even though we missed Monday we had a great rest of the week worshiping together each morning. Pastor Swoopes from SWAU shared a new name of God each week and talked through what the name means and what it tells us about His character. As you enter the gymnasium be sure to take a look at the back wall and check out the names of God we have already learned about.

Schedule Change for Parent/Teacher Conferences

Please note the schedule change for parent/teacher conferences. Parent/teacher conferences will be held on Thursday, October 31. Please look for details in future newsletters in October for how to sign up for a parent/teacher meeting. If you’re unavailable to meet on the 31st of October, please contact your child’s teacher to schedule a meeting for at different time after school hours.

Family Fun Fest (September 29)

Sunday, Sep. 29th, 11am-3pm

North Old Betsy Road

Keene, TX

Family Fun Fest (Sept. 29)

Our annual Family Fun Fest will be on Sunday, Sept. 29! Be ready for a fun-filled day for all KAES students and their families. Held at the Elisa Carver Park in Keene from 11:00pm to 3:00pm our event is open to the community so invite your friends. If you haven’t yet, please check with your child's teacher and see how you can help make your child’s class booth a success. Ticket sales will help to raise money for classroom needs.If it ends up raining we will relocate at the CTA gymnasium. Rain or shine we will have a great time.

Big picture

Middle School Worship Workshop

Next week we will have the first of three special workshop events this year designed to help our students gain the skills to help with worship. Skilled trainers will be sharing about drama, sound and audio visual, singing, art, coordination, telling stories, speaking and other ways to add to the worship experience. This workshop is geared for middle school students and will take place of chapel next week.

John 5:39 Memory Challenge

At the end of our Week of Worship today we unveiled our John 5:39 Names of Jesus Memory Challenge. The goal is to memorize the name of God used in each of the books of the Bible. Because it is a big challenge we have broken it into three parts to help make working toward this challenge doable. This challenge is open to any KAES student in any grade. Check out the video below as Pastor Travis and Mr. Coulter share how the challenge works.
KAES John 5:39 Memory Challenge
Monday - Haystacks, Pinto Beans, Cheese, Salsa, Sour Cream, Salad Bowl, Fruit, Milk

Tuesday - Veggie Burger, Soup, Tomato, Lettuce, Pickles, Sun Chips, Fruit Juice, Milk

Wednesday - Gluten Teriyaki, Jasmine Rice, Korean Dumplings, Broccoli, Fruit, Milk

Thursday - Enchiladas Michoacanas, Spanish Rice, Refried Black Beans, Cabbage Salad, Fruit, Milk

Friday - Hot Dog, Curly Fries, String Cheese, Baby Carrots, Dessert, Fruit Juice, Milk

Important Dates To Remember


Sept. 23-27 - ITBS testing

Sept. 29 - Fall Fun Fest


Oct. 1 - Eyes, Hearing, and Scoliosis Screening

Oct. 3 - Middle School Field Trip to State Fair

Oct. 4 - PreK & Kindergarten to Main Stay Farms

Oct. 5 - Choirs at Keene Church

Oct. 5 - Girls Basketball Open Gym Night @ 7:30

Oct. 10 - 3rd Grade Field Trip to Dallas Arboretum

Oct. 11 - 1st Grade Field Trip to Log Cabin Villiage

Oct. 11 - Middle School Walk-a-thon

Oct. 11 - Half Day, No Lunch & No after school care

Oct. 14 - Columbus Day (No School)

Oct. 16 - Picture Retakes

Oct. 18 - End of 1st Quarter

Oct. 21-25 - Red Ribbon Week

Oct. 24 - Eyes, Hearing, and Scoliosis Screening

Oct. 25 - 4th Grade Field Trip to Log Cabin Village

Oct. 31 - Parent/Teacher Conferences

Girls Basketball Open Gym Night

Saturday, Oct. 5th, 7:30pm

KAES Gymnaisum

All girls in 4th grade through 8th grade are invited to a Basketball Open Gym Night hosted by the KAES elementary and junior high girls basketball team coaches.

Boxtops for Educaiton

A special thanks to everyone who has been supporting KAES with their boxtops. If you want to help too, you can get the app through the link below.

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