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Interchangeable Parts! This product is the solution for all your problems. Interchangeable parts are parts that are alike and are used to allow a quick and easy fix. These parts can be used in many different products. Interchangeable parts are parts that can be used in many different items of one specific thing.
Interchangeable Parts

Ways of Transportation

Erie Canal

Linked the Great Lakes with the Mohawk River and the Hudson River


Private companies built gravel and stone roads that were better than the muddle roads that were most commonly used.

National Road

A road proposed by Congress that expends from Maryland to Virginia.

Lancaster Turnpike

A road built on a bed of gravel so that water drained out easily when it rained. It would be later topped with fat stone.

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Your Interchangeable Parts will get to you as soon as they possibly can with these speedy ways of transportation (Shown Above). The quickest in the country in fact! This is also guaranteed as the safest ways to get your goods to you. We assure you that your goods will get to you in one way or another and you will get to choose the path of transportation that your goods will arrive. (WAYS OF TRANSPORTATION SHOWN ABOVE)