Nasia Lanham

1. What separates your outlier from others in their field and makes them exceptional?

As a child being raised by a single mom, President Obama success story sprang from advantages put forth to him. Barack Obama was given a scholarship, at age 10, to enroll in the private Punahou school in Hawaii. This advantage led him to because prosperous at both Harvard and Colombia where he became the first black president in law review and finished college with an outstanding 4.0 GPA. Therefore, this separates the President from others like Mitt Romney (3.9 GPA), and George W. Bush (2.3 GPA) due to the fact that the President was by far more successful in college which brings us to a conclusion that he has far more knowledge.

2. Practical vs IQ

-President Obama has more of a practical intelligence or the ability to "Know what to say and when to say it". For examples, the President has to deal with many negative opinions thrown to him from many people at his events. For example, during one of his events in Chicago, a woman from the crowd starts to scream and call out the President while complaining about the issues they have encountered. The President, in response, agrees with the heckler and tries to calm them down. This shows his practical skills and shows that he will not let anyone "tee" him up to the point where he says something he shouldn't have said giving him a bad look. This intelligence has highly impacted his success because the President will alway encounter these issues whether its out of hatred or formality. However, he knows how to deal with these issues in the right way.

3. Who does your outlier compete against?

President Obama competed with mainly members of the opposite party he was running against. His practical intelligence helped him rise due to the fact that since he knew what to say and when to say it, he was able to make amazing speeches that helped him in his election.

4. Who partners with your outlier?

Joe Biden, the Vice President, partners with the President in many of his law making. Joe Biden is a very fit VP due to the fact that he himself built his own law firm, was elected to a City Council, and was offered a scholarship at a prestigious school also. Great minds think alike.

5. Do you feel the outlier reflects qualities valued by the Transcendentalists?

I believe President Obama reflects the values of Transcendentalists because he works peacefully and doesn't care what people think of him.

6. What is Gladwell's purpose of Chapters 3 and 4? Does the outlier reinforce Gladwell's theories?

Chapters 3 and 4 of Outliers is mainly based off of Christoper Langan. Gladwell describes that Langan has an IQ of 195 and is considered the smartest person in the world. However, Langan works on a ranch, has not earned a college degree, and has not helped the world in any form. This brings Gladwell to the conclusion that an outlier not only has to have an IG but can also have practical intelligence and emotional intelligence. I do agree with his theories. Also, the President does reinforce his theories.