Louis Zamperini

The story of Louis Zamperini, overcoming his conflicts

Louis' childhood

Louis Zamperini was born on January 26, 1917 in Olean, New York. Zamperini ran track at Torrance High School in Torrance California. He discovered that he had a competitive track streak mild wide when it came to long distance running. In 1934, Zamperini set the national high school mild record. His time of 4 minutes and 21.2 seconds, would end up standing for 20 years. He finally earned a scholarship to attend the University of Southern California.;


His first known career was the air force. He was a bomber in a bombing plane. In 1941 he was stationed on the Pacific Ocean.


The 2 major conflicts he faced was character vs character and character vs nature. His main conflict was his plane crashed and he was stranded on a life raft with 2 other people. Sadly, one of them died leaving just Louis and 1 other member. They were both stranded for 47 days. On the last day a plane flew over them, but not to rescued, but kidnapped by the Japanese. The 2 were held captive at their military camp, being starved and tortured. He survived 2 years in the camp until the war ended.


  • He competed in the 1936 Olympics
  • Was claimed to be the fastest distant runner in the world
  • Set a national high school record that held up for 20 years


The theme of his life was- Forgiveness

Memorable quote that explained the theme- "Love replaced the hate I had for you."

Louis wrote this to one of the leaders at the military camp who was nicknamed "The Bird".

They were complete enemies, he also needed the closure to help him get through everything, so he wrote letters to the leaders apologizing.

Reasons for choosing the theme

Once Louis was safe at home, he still had constant nightmares. But, he decided to try and get rid of them but forgiving the camp leaders. So vowing to himself that he would never go back to the Japan, in 1950 he made a visit to go forgive the leaders. But, "The Bird" who was his cruelest leader refused to see him. Louis wrote him a letter and sent it in to him. Forgiveness was proven to help your physical health. I think no matter what forgiveness is always important.
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