Protest Song Presentation

Tyrionndra Henderson & Amina Lee


"War has shattered many young man's dreams, made him disabled, bitter, and mean. Life is to short and precious to spend fighting wars these days."

- War brought negativity into lives of citizens and life is too short to spend unhappy

" War, I despise 'cause it means destruction, of innocent lives."

- We lost many young and innocent lives during the Vietnam war.

" What is it good for? Absolutely nothing."

- There is no point of war because it solves nothing.

"They say we must fight to keep our freedom. But Lord knows there's got to be a better way"

- Made to protest the Vietnam war he sings that there is a better to solve the problems of Communism.


1. War is unnecessary because conflicts can be solved in a different and peaceful way.

2. The 1970s

3. I agree with the message from the song because I think the lives of our solders is more important.

4. Yes, the song had a big impact around the war. Motown wasn't originally going to add the song to Edwin Starr's album but they saw the impact it made o the people


Edwin Starr

  • Served 2 years is the military
  • he was stationed in Germany
Edwin Starr- War (HQ)