The best learning device!

The tutor machine is designed to help kids learn without giving them the answers. Amazing performance, with a built in gaming device and food machine! Simply insert your homework in the opening at the top, or choose a lesson. Choose your preferred way to learn, and your all set!


How It Was Made

This product was created in partnership with Maple Machinery and Cheese Directioner Why Automail. Inspired by our team member's memories of the hard time with their homework, we took matters into our own hands. Many children from ages 12-18 struggle with their work, and hate attending summer school or other extracurricular programs. This product is a first and one of a kind, something we feel had been missing from the shelves for too long. So now here we are, proud inventors of the Tutor Machine!

Buy It!

Buy this from any major superstore, or come in and pay Maple Machinery a visit at their workshop! Starting at only $29.99!