4th of July Stand Up Paddle Yoga

a little tropical storm's not stopping us!

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Tropical Storm Saturday: Class Changes

For your safety, we are preemptively canceling our 9am Fluid Flow SUP Yoga class and our 10:45am Strong Girls SUP yoga class.

We are however crossing our fingers the wind dies down by the afternoon, in which case we've added:

Strong Girls SUP yoga at 4:30pm

BTW; did you miss Greg Hinson's cool GoPro video of last Saturday's Strong Girls' Tween class? Make sure to check it out here, it's awesome. #ACKStrongGirls

Super Sunday Full Line-up

10:30am Fluid Flow

12:00 Fluid Basics

4:00pm Fluid Flow

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What to wear?

A: Yoga clothes are best: synthetics dry fast. I like my spandex/lycra capri yoga pants, a sports bra or bikini and tank top. Men will be comfortable in board shorts and a t-shirt. Depending on the temperature and wind, a light windbreaker is nice too. Wear extra layers up top for evening classes centered around meditation.

Q: How do you do yoga without drifting away?

A: Each student will be outfitted with a 10lb mushroom anchor and 10 feet of line. This anchor is small enough to ride at the front of your board and and be easily paddled around with until it's time to practice!

Q: What do you do with your paddle?

A: Once you are anchored down for mediation or yoga, you can take your leash off and use it to secure your paddle. The paddles (which float) can then be thrown out into the water where they won't get in your way. If you want to keep your leash on, each of our 5 BOGA Yoga boards have tie-downs on the nose. The paddle can be put across the board and under the tie-downs.

Q: What should I bring?

A: Very little: with our boards, you can use the tie-downs to secure a plastic water bottle, and waterproof camera, should you want to take photos. Please leave your cell phones in your vehicles! If you wear sunglasses, be sure to use croakies to keep them safe. A hat is a nice idea, especially for morning classes, and make sure you wear plenty of sunscreen.

Let's be FRIENDS!

Everybody needs friends! As a start-up business, we have limited capital for advertising, and we need friends now more than ever. Please help us make Nantucket SUP Yoga a success so we can continue to serve the community next season. Your support on social media is crucial.
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