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Papaya is the fruit f the plant, Carica papaya, the sole species in the genus Carica of the plant family Caricaceae. It is naive to the tropics of the Americas, perhaps from southern Mexico and neighbouring Central America. The fruit is ripe when it feels sfot and its skin has attained an amber to orange hue.


Papaya gives you glowing skin, helps in digestion, papaya leaves increase the appetite in your body and cures menstrual pain, heals wounds and prevents from blood clots, controls bowel movements, anti-cancer propertires, protects heart, used for weight loss treatment, and papayas are known to be natural medicine.

Cooking methods

  • Ripe papaya is best eaten raw, while green fruits are preferred for cooking.
  • Season green papaya with cinnamon, honey, and butter. Bake for a delightfully different side dish.
  • Use scooped out papaya halves as a serving dish for fruit, chicken, or seafood salads.
  • Cut in papaya half, sprinke with lime or lemon juice, port or rum, and a sprinkling of sugar for a quick, fresh fruit dessert.
  • When adding papaya to fruit salads, add it at the last minute so its enzynes will not soften the other fruits.
  • If you are using the papaya for the fruit alone, peel first before slicing and seeding.
  • Pureed papaya adde to a mrinade will not only give a tropical flavor, but also tenderize meat and poultry
  • For a pepper substitute, try ground papaya seeds.
  • Fruits that go well with papaya: Mango, passion-fruit, kiwi-fruit, and most berries.