Lyme Disease Is Spreading !

Lyme is still stuck in controversy

Lyme Disease

Lyme is spreading and is spreading through ticks. Animals carrying Borrelia are getting bit by ticks then the ticks are carrying this over to people . Scientists and other people have figured out the best Lyme defense is prevention . Always take a shower after being outside and tick-check your family and pets. If a tick does bite you rub the bite with alcohol.Lyme Disease can infect many people including you and you should prevent it. All of this is happening right now and is happening around the world.

Borrelia Infecting You

Lyme Disease is hard to prevent in some other ways . If for instance you get bit by a tick with Borrelia you will have to get alot of blood taken out to see if you caught the disease.

Being infected can be bad in many ways and not just the process of being checked if you have Borrelia . For instance one woman in New York got infected and she was once an active person then she went to not even being able to string together sentences.