Meghan McAdams

Religious Persecution

A. Syria

B. Currently in Syria being a Christian is a dangerous thing. Many Christian women don't even think of stepping out of their house because they know if they do they will most likely get rapped, etc.

C. People are moving from Syria so they can live as a free religious person. Most people form Syria will go to America.


Ethnic Persecution

A. Sudan

B. If someone isn't Sudanese, then they normally are kinda "judged."

C. Again most of the people are moving to America.


Environmental Factors

A. China

B. In China there is so much pollution, so it can be bad for people who live there.

C. So many Chinese people are moving to America because we have good environmental factors.


Economic Movtives

A. Africa

B. Most parts of Africa are not wealthy at all, that's why people are moving.

C. Many come to America.


Political Factors

A. Canada

B. There elections, and some people might like a dictatorship over a democracy. In the past women used to not be apart of politics.

C. Most will just shoot right down to the U.S.A.


Forced Migration

A. Mexico

B. In Mexico, there can be many diseases such as Malaria, Typhoid Fever, etc. and so people might want to get away from that before they are potentially more likely to get the disease.

C. Since America is one of the closest places to them, a lot of the people move there.