The Fault in Our Stars

Chynna Fahrholz

Summary :

The Fault in Our Stars, By John Green is about a teenage girl with thyroid cancer who meets a handsome young man with osteosarcoma. Hazel Lancaster goes from a 16 year old girl whom with a strict schedule, and then a young woman who begins to fall in love with a boy who changes her in ways she didn't think possible.

Hazel Grace Lancaster

Hazel is 16 years old and has already graduated high school. She attends community college and support group for those with cancer. She's not very active due to her "crappy lungs" but she is very intelligent and chooses not to get close to people because of her disease.

Hazel gets sick

Hazel and Gus had finally planned their trip to Amsterdam to meet Peter Van Houten, but sadly Hazel's lungs decide to fail her. Her doctors, and parents feel that it's best for her to recover before flying for several hours.


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After realizing that it's her life and that she's going to have to live with her disease for the rest of her life her parents decide to her go to Amsterdam with Augustus. Of course her mother joins them on their trip, but gives them plenty of space to enjoy themselves.
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Beautiful date in Amsterdam

Upon arrival in Amsterdam, Peter's assistant has setup a dinner for Hazel and Gus to enjoy before meeting up with them the next day. This is their second date and although they have been spending lots of time with each other Gus has already confessed that he loves her.

Peter Van Houten

This is the man that Hazel and Gus have so many questions for and have pictured him in such a different way that what he really is. They were able to meet the real Peter Van Houten, the drunken, rude, and insensitive man that no one knew he was.

Hazel and Isaac

Here Isaac and Hazel discuss how unfair life can be. Isaac and Hazel depend on each other due to all of the crazy things that have been going on lately. Their opinions on life and cancer are like no one else's.