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December 2022

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Contact Information:

Principal: G. Hilton

Vice Principal: R. Coelho

Secretary: K. Romani

Superintendent of Mississauga South Schools: S. Gos (905) 890-1221

Trustee: Herman Viloria (416) 452-9345

Searching for Hope, Peace, Joy and Love...and Waiting, Jesus is the Light of our World.

Loving God, in this time of preparation and planning,

We thank you for the hope, peace, joy, and love, that you unfailingly offer us.

Show us the creative power of hope.

Teach us the love that comes from justice.

Prepare our hearts to be transformed by your joy,

That we may walk in the peace and light of Christ.


“Then the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all people shall see it together.”

Isaiah 40:5

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Upcoming Events

December 3: International Day of Persons with Disabilities

December 5: Lice Squad "Check Ahead" (optional)

December 6: French Immersion Virtual Information Session for Grade 1 at 7:00 p.m (Brampton)

December 8: French Immersion Virtual Information Session for Grade 1 at 7:00 p.m (Mississauga)

December 14th: St. Christopher School Advent Mass at St. Christopher Parish, 6:30 PM

December 15: Rosary Apostolate Visit

Dec 23-Jan 6 Christmas Break

DPCDSB Upcoming Events

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Food Drive:

The need is never been greater than this year. The number of clients that The Compass serves has increased by 60% versus the same time last year. 1 in every 3 people experiencing food insecurity is a child. Our community needs your help! Please bring any of the following most needed food items to support The Compass and help us get more food out to the people in our community who need assistance.

  • Pasta & Pasta Sauce, Kraft Dinner, Breakfast Cereal, Instant Oatmeal, Canned Meats, Canned Chili/Stews, Canned Soup, Baked Beans, Canned Tuna/Salmon, Soy/Almond Milk, Cooking Oil, Boost/Ensure, Baby Fruit/Veg Pouches, Peanut Butter

Please place your donation in the large tub bins in the front of the church when you attend Advent Mass.

Thank you so much for your support!

Families Helping Families

In years past, we know that the St. Christopher school community has been extremely generous and giving to those less fortunate and in need, especially during the holiday season.

This year at St. Christopher Catholic School, we would like to extend this tremendous generosity to help support families in need in our school and the local community. We hope we can all open our hearts and extend our schools’ spirit of giving to families through gift cards this Advent season.

Our Christmas Angels will be hung on our school Christmas tree in the front foyer of the school. Each angel has a suggested retail gift card on the back of the angel. To support our Families Supporting Families: Angel Tree initiative, families are asked to purchase a gift card to donate and return it to the school.

If you are able to support this initiative:

  • Please complete the Angel Tree commitment form that was sent home, on November 30th to indicate the number of Angels you wish to collect
  • Students can continue to bring their forms to the front office to visit the school Christmas tree and choose an Angel(s).
  • Students will then colour in the Angel(s) and write their family name on it
  • Return both the Angel(s) and the purchased Gift Card(s) by December 12th, and place the Angel(s) back on the tree. Students may colour in their angels also.

We also encourage you to use this opportunity to discuss with your own child(ren) about those less fortunate and how we can all come together as a community to help one another.

On behalf of our staff, students and our Catholic School Council, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued generosity and support.

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Indigenous Education

Last month our school engaged in a Treaty Education Presentation offered by the Indigenous Education department. Guest speaker, Melanie Cromier, an Anishinaabe community member, shared with students the sacredness of a promise, through stories. Students were also able to ask questions and examine two wampum belt artifacts.

Pizza Days

For anyone wanting to purchase Pizza for their child(ren), St. Christopher school is offering pizza on Thursdays through Gino's Pizza. Orders can be placed using Families wishing to place their orders in advance can now do so through June, 2023.

School Volunteers:

Just a reminder that if you are interested in volunteering within the school in any capacity, including field trips, student support, Catholic School Council member, etc., a Valid Criminal Reference Check (CRC), with Vulnerable Sector and Local Records Check is required. Due to COVID closures and not having volunteers in the schools for multiple years, many of our filed CRC and CRC Annual Declarations have lapsed. Therefore, we would like to begin now for any possible volunteer opportunities that may arise this year. Please note that there may be some time required to process a CRC, thus waiting for an announced volunteer opportunity to obtain your CRC may not provide sufficient time for processing. Therefore, we are asking all parents that if you feel that you may be interested in volunteering in any capacity in the school this year, it may be best to start the process now.

We have also attached a copy of the volunteer letter that you will need to provide to the Peel Regional Police to begin the process. See below.

Thank you for all your ongoing support and we look forward to having many volunteer opportunities in the school this year.


Visitors are more than welcome - but please report to the school office when entering the school. Visitors or volunteers will be issued a visitor badge at the office. All doors are locked during school hours for your child's safety. Parents should refrain from walking their child to their classrooms. Our staff is happy to accompany your child to his/her respective classroom.

To gain entrance to the school please got to the main entrance doors on the north side of the school and press the doorbell (behind you on your left-hand side). You will be buzzed in and expected to report at the office.

REMEMBER while you are known to your child you are a stranger to most others!


Congratulations to our boys and girls Intermediate volleyball teams. They played in their tournament last week and represented our school well. The boys made it to the semifinals and finished in 3rd place while the girls made it all the way to the championship game against St. Luke before losing in 3 sets.

Thank you again to Mr. Hilton and Ms. Sousa for sharing your time and volleyball experience with our students.

November Medical Reminders:

Message for Peel Public Health

It’s cold and flu season!

Cold and flu season is here, and it is already a bad one. We want to remind parents/guardians that before heading to the emergency room, book an appointment with your family doctor or at your local COVID Cough and Cold Flu Clinic.

If you’re unsure if you need to take your child to the emergency room, you can:

Don’t forget to continue practicing other protective measures such as hand washing, avoiding touching your face, staying home when ill and masking for 10 days after being symptomatic to help protect your children, yourself and others from viruses that are circulating.

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Reminder: Lice Check Opportunity on Mon. Dec 5

This is a reminder that St. Christopher School will be hosting a lice “Check Ahead” clinic on Monday, Dec. 5. This clinic will be provided by Lice Squad.

We are hosting the clinic because there have been many cases of head lice (pediculosis) in the school recently, and we know many families would appreciate this opportunity to get their children checked and to help prevent transmission. Many families have already signed up for this opportunity, but if you haven’t had a chance yet, this message is a reminder to please consider doing so before Sunday at midnight.

If you would like your child(ren) to participate in this clinic, please go to School Cash Online and complete payment as soon as possible, and no later than Sunday, December 4. The cost of the “Check Ahead” lice inspection is $3.10 per student.

To help prevent head lice, Peel Public Health endorses the Canadian Paediatric Society’s (CPS) recommendations that children should “avoid head-to-head contact” and that “children should not share combs, hairbrushes, tuques, hats, or hair accessories” ( We have been sharing this messaging at the school with students, and we would appreciate if you could also reinforce this message at home. Please visit the CPS website for more information on head lice.

Working together we can help reduce the transmission of head lice.


At different times throughout the year, especially in the winter when students are wearing hats and hoodies, schools experience an increase in the number of cases of head lice. In an effort to be proactive, we ask that your child’s hair be checked periodically to ensure that they do not have head lice. Should you discover the presence of lice or nits, we would appreciate being informed. Helpful information can also be obtained from a pharmacist or the local Public Health Department. Click Here for Peel Health Information Pediculosis (head lice) is spread only by direct contact with a `case', often through the sharing of combs and brushes, exchanging of hats, etc. Please help us instruct students regarding prevention.

Peel Public Health Memo: Lice/Head Nits/Pediculosis

Region of Peel Public Health supports the Canadian Paediatric Society's (CPS) position that there is no sound medical rationale to support exclusion of students with head lice from school. Children with head lice should be treated and can attend school.

Peel Public Health does not allow it’s public health nurses to visit schools and provide such services like screening for lice. Further to this, Peel Public Health does not provide recommendations for external services.

CPS further recommends that:

  • Treatment should be recommended, and close head-to-head contact should be discouraged pending treatment.
  • Families of children in a classroom where a case of active head lice has been detected should be notified and informed about proper diagnosis, and prevention.

To read the Canadian Paediatric Society's position statement on head lice, please visit:

Please visit: Head lice | Caring for kids ( for additional information on head lice.

Changes to Awareness & Prevention for Concussion Protocols

There has been a change to our Awareness and Prevention for Concussion protocol. Parents are asked to review the government of Ontario concussion awareness resources and complete an attestation prior to student participating in any school sports team activities. Please review the attached document and links to the resources that must be reviewed for the attestation.

There is a new form GF088A that must be completed for all sports team activities. This form entails parents and students to review the resources.

GF088A Attestation HERE


Daily SELF-COVID Screening Procedures

It is recommended that staff, students and visitors continue to complete the Provincial COVID Screening Tool before attending school.

Please see our attached "Community Bulletin" for more detailed Back to School Updates and reminders with respect to Heath & Safety Protocols.

French Immersion Program Information

Please find the attached French Immersion Promotional information for Kindergarten students interested in the Grade 1 French Immersion Program, along with the detailed letter to parents with important FI information.

December 6, 7:00 p.m.

Microsoft Teams Online Meeting

More information and Meeting Link can also be found on the website (

December 8, 7:00 p.m.

Microsoft Teams Online Meeting

More information and Meeting Link can also be found on the website (

Winter Weather

Wet, Windy, Wintery Weather is upon us! Students are asked to have a pair of indoor shoes that can be kept at school, along with an extra pair of gloves, mitts, or other winter apparel. An extra set of clothing goes a long way, especially in the primary division. Please also consider labeling your child(s) clothing so that we can return any lost items to them.

At school, we will continue to encourage students to bundle up and we also will continue to provide reminders of snow etiquette in play. Please support our efforts, reminding your children at home that snowball throwing is not permitted. We also ask students to stay off icy areas and to report them, in order to prevent unnecessary injuries. Our messaging to students and in the name of kindness is that any snow structures (snow figures or fort) made by their peers are to be respected and students should refrain from intentionally breaking them. As such, we appreciate your support in reinforcing this message.

We are excited to have students engage in SNOW-much fun this winter season at St. Christopher school!

Attendance Verification

It is important for students to be at school on time and ready to work. When students are late they miss important information and routines. We realize that throughout the year there will be times that your child will be away from school.

SafeArrival is an application within SchoolMessenger that will allow parents/guardians to report their children’s absences in one of the following three ways:

What is SafeArrival:

  • SafeArrival is an absence management system that improves student safety.
  • It supports school staff to follow up on unexcused absences.
  • It allows parents and/or guardians to notify the school in advance about an upcoming absence.


  • Better Attendance Management for Enhanced Student Safety
  • Faster and Easier Attendance Management
  • Simplified Parent Reporting Tools
  • Accessible, Convenient and Secure
  • Automated Key Tasks With SafeArrival Administrative Tools

In the event that your child is late or absent, please use one of the three ways to access Safe Arrival.

Students who arrive late to school must proceed to the office to get a late slip.

Mark Your Calendar!

Just a reminder that the school is closed from Friday, December 23, 2022 - Friday, January 6th , 2023. School will begin again on Monday, January 9th, 2023. Have a safe and blessed Christmas Holiday!

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Fire Drills and Lockdown Practice

During the school year we will be rehearsing and will continue to rehearse with students a number of emergency response situations including lock down and fire drills. All schools are required by Board policy to practice these procedures throughout the year. We have these ‘practice drills’ for precautionary purposes only so that in the event of an actual emergency, students will be prepared to respond in a safe and responsible manner. We will also be practicing a Lock Down Drill. During this drill, the outer doors will be locked and the office will be unavailable during the time of the drill. No one will be allowed to enter or exit during the drill while the emergency protocol is being followed. The day will continue as normal following the drill. Thank you for your patience.

Parish Information

St. Christopher Parish

1171 Clarkson Road N

Mississauga, ON L5J 2W1

Phone: (905) 822-1171

Pastor: Fr. Joseph Rodrigues

School Hours

​Our School Hours:

School Starts at 8:15 am

Morning Recess: 9:38 - 9:53 am

Lunch: 11:16 am - 12:16 pm

Afternoon Recess: 1:39 - 1:54 pm

Dismissal: 2:45 pm

Please note: We will continue with "soft entry" in the morning, students may enter the building using their designated doors beginning at 8:00am. School starts at 8:15am.

A reminder that we no longer have staggered dismissal. Students will be dismissed at 2:45. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we return to previous dismissal time.

Catholic School Council

Catholic School Council

The School Advisory Council is comprised of parents, a school faculty member, a non-teaching representative, as well as an appointed parish community representative. The aim of the council is to support school activities and students through involvement and fundraising. We are always looking for new parents to join our School Council! If your child is participating in online learning you are still part of our St. Christopher community and therefore you are welcome to attend council meetings and participate in council elections.

Please join us for our next council meeting on January 25th @ 6:30 Catholic School Council in our school library.

One Time Donation Fundraiser

Hello St. Christopher families:

St. Christopher strives to achieve the best in Catholic Education and to provide our children with a fulfilling spiritual, academic, and social experience. On behalf of the staff, School Council, and especially the students, we would like to thank you for your on-going support.

Our Catholic School Council has decided to once again initiate a ONE TIME DONATION FUNDRAISER instead of the typical selling of chocolates, cookie dough, or other fundraising sales.

Building on our past success, we will continue with the Voluntary Donation Request as our primary fundraiser. In lieu of multiple fundraising activities throughout the year, we are asking families to provide an annual monetary donation. Our fundraising goal for 2022-2023 is $12,000. Our past fundraising efforts have gone directly towards enriching our children’s overall experience through enhancements to technology, school programs, guest speakers, artists & scientists in the school, team uniforms, community-building activities, faith experiences, and school beautification. Donating is voluntary and any donation amount is greatly appreciated.

How to Donate:

Donations can be made securely online through

All donations are voluntary and confidential and processed only by the school administration.

Please note that the Voluntary Donation Request is separate from any of the community outreach fundraising activities that St. Christopher School supports. Funds requested for programs such as the Terry Fox Walk, Share Life, Families Helping Families, or other social outreach initiatives go directly to those organizations. These opportunities enable our children to give back to our community and support those in need.

Thank you for continuing to support our school and its programs. You are helping to foster a better education for our children.

Many Thanks,

St. Christopher Catholic School Council

Sub Lunches: A Message from your Catholic School Council

Dear parents,

We are happy to share that we will be offering another lunch order option for students, beginning next week. We have partnered with Lunchbox by SchoolCash Online to offer a sub day on Tuesdays in addition to pizza on Thursdays. Lunchbox is a convenient, online ordering platform featuring local vendors - in this case the Mr. Sub at Lakeshore & Clarkson Rd. Each item order contributes a small donation to our school.

An ordering calendar can be found on your SchoolCash Online items page - once you log in, you will see a blue bar at the top of the items list - click "Order Now" to begin. The first delivery date will be next Tuesday, December 6, and the deadline to place your order for the first week is Sunday, December 4 at noon. You may pre-order as many weeks as you would like, and deadline for each week is always Sunday at noon for the upcoming week. Please see additional information below and attached on how to order and some frequently asked questions.

How to Order:

  1. Go to your child’s SchoolCash Online account items page and click “ORDER NOW” on the blue bar at the top of the items list.
  2. Confirm your child’s account information including their teacher and grade for the current school year. **Please ensure the correct teacher and grade are selected to prevent errors on delivery days.
  3. Proceed with ordering your child’s lunch on the school’s ordering calendar by clicking on the blue date for the scheduled vendors.
  4. All orders are submitted on the website and payment is processed on-line by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Debit MasterCard or Visa Debit. Visa and MasterCard prepaid cards are also accepted.

Important Dates:

  • Lunch delivery is scheduled to begin Tuesday, December 6, 2022.
  • Orders may be placed weekly or in advance, for the full length of the program.
  • Sunday, December 4, 2022 at NOON (12:00 PM) is the ordering deadline for the first scheduled lunch delivery.

Things to Remember:

  • The ordering deadline is Sunday at 12 PM (NOON) for the upcoming week’s deliveries.
  • New orders will not be accepted after the Sunday deadline.
  • If buses are cancelled due to inclement weather, lunches will be canceled and credited.
  • If there is a school closure, lunches will be cancelled, and a credit will be issued to your Lunchbox account within 3 business days.

Inclement Bus Cancellations and Weather Zones ~ STOPR

Please find the Fall/Winter Newsletter from StopR and an important letter concerning inclement weather and bus cancellations for the 2022-2023 school year.

You may also contact the Transportation Department via the following contact numbers: Transportation: 905-890-6000 Special Education Transportation: 905-890- 6362. To determine if your son or daughter is eligible for transportation. You can also receive up-to-date information by following STOPR on Twitter @STOPRinfo

STOPR website:

To receive updates on whether your child’s bus is running late, please subscribe to STOPR. Access your account HERE

Bus Safety

Bus safety

If your child rides the bus daily, it is important that they are aware of the safety rules on the bus. Students are required to:

  • Listen to the Bus Driver at all times and report any problems or injuries to him/her
  • Go directly to their assigned seat and remain seated during the entire bus ride
  • Do not eat, drink, swear, fight or chew gum on the bus
  • Do not put arms out the window, or throw items or garbage out the window
  • If any damage to the seat of bus is caused, students will be held responsible
  • Be at least 5 minutes early at your bus stop to ensure that you don't miss the bus

Improper conduct on the bus will be dealt with at the Office. Repeated or serious incidents can result in busing privileges being suspended or removed. Please review these rules with your child. Taking the bus is a privilege, not a right.

Kiss and Ride Reminders

Thank you very much to the many parents who safely use the parking lot and the Kiss’n’Ride drop-off and pick-up area! The patience and courtesy demonstrated by our community goes a long way in maintaining a safe environment for all!

A few reminders to help ensure a safe parking lot:

1) Please do not reverse your vehicle while in the Kiss and Ride zone. Children may be crossing behind you using the crosswalk. Be patient.

2) Drive slowly through the Kiss and Ride. We do try to give preference to the buses when leaving in order for them to maintain their morning schedules so please wait at the cross walk until you are directed to cross.

3) Students are reminded not to bounce sporting equipment such as basketballs while walking through the cross walk. Students need reminders that if a ball falls from their grasp, not to chase after it. An adult can help them retrieve it.

4) There is a bike path for students coming in on their bikes, on the south side of the church. Please use this path, and WALK your bike to the bike rack area, as the path is shared with walking pedestrians.

5)Parents and students are strongly encouraged to use the cross-walk instead of crossing in front of the kiss and ride.

6)The parking spaces adjacent to the church, near the cross walk, will be off limits to vehicles for parking. The crosswalk area can become crowded at times and we would like to maintain a clear sight line between children entering and exiting the school grounds.

7) Please ensure that students are being dropped off at the Kiss and Ride designated area and are accessing the cross-walk.

8) Please be aware that when entering the school lot, via the church entrance on the south side, it is NOT advisable to drop children off before the Kiss and Ride designated area. This is a drive-through area. Please merge into the kiss and ride lane when it is safe to do so, and please stop at the stop sign, proceeding with caution to the kiss and ride zone for pick up and drop off.

Thank you for your attention to these matters. We know that everyone is in a hurry in the morning and at the end of the school day, but our number one concern is always the safety of all members of our community at St. Christopher School. Thank you for taking the time to be considerate of others by following these important safety reminders!

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P.A.L.S. is a playground leadership program for schools. It encourages all children to participate in activities during recess breaks.

"There is always room for one more".

St. Christopher will be implementing the program here, initiated by our school Child and Youth Worker, Mrs. Creary, as playground, and recess leader for their primary peers. Training has begun, for those students who demonstrated interest in participating as P.A.L.S leaders.

Objectives of the Program

  • Increase physical activity
  • Decrease conflict and reduce the incidence of playground bullying
  • Provide a leadership opportunity for students


  • School staff supervise the program
  • Students in grades 4 - 6 act as playground activity leaders for younger students during recess breaks
  • Public Health Nurses train staff and students to implement the program and provides ongoing support

More information on the P.A.L.S program can be found HERE

Scholastic Book Clubs:

Periodically, throughout the school year, Scholastic Books may be offered by your child's classroom teacher or via Book Fair. While owning books is a valuable experience for children, please note that participation in this program is completely optional and that the books curated in these offerings are selected for a wide audience and not specifically for a Catholic audience given it is a secular company.

We encourage parents/guardians to review the selections that their child/ren make/s to ensure the material chosen reflects their family values.

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TVO Mathify Free Math Tutoring for grades 4-11 with Certified Teachers

Build your math skills and confidence with a personalized math coach. Tutors are available online Mondays-Fridays from 9am to 9pm ET and Sundays from 3:00pm to 9pm ET.

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