Trail Of Tears

Zach Klein

A big conflict arose in the early 1800's with the Native Americans and the Americans. The leaders of the conflict were President Andrew Jackson and Chief John Ross. Andrew Jackson represented the American people and Chief John Ross represented the Cherokee. When you think about it the American government and the American citizens bullied the Native American population. After the Americans won their revolution and and created an efficient government Americans started to create laws showing Indian territory and what they can do on their land. The treaty of Hopewell gave the Indians certain rights on their land. The treaty maped out their land and let them do what they wanted if they found trespassers. Soon after the treaty was signed over five hundred American families moved onto Indian land. Then a long fight broke out for who controlled the land. Since the majority of Cherokee lived on Georgia soil the state of Georgia wanted to push the Indians out. It the 1830's Georgia passed anti-Indian laws. One of the laws prevented Indians from mining gold when it was found in Georgia. Also in the 1830's Andrew Jackson sighed the Indian Removal Act that let the government buy Indian lands. The goal was to push back all the tribes living east of the Mississippi River. The Cherokee did not take this law lightly. Leaders of the Cherokee took it to subprime court. It was the Cherokee V Georgia. Georgia argued that the Cherokee were a conquered people and had to do what the state said. John Ross said that the Cherokee could not be touched they rightfully have their own land that is out of the states jurisdiction.

Specific Actions Associated With Cultural Genocide

This is a obviously an act of culture genocide with what the Americans are doing to the Native Americans. The American government took land from the Indians and prevented them from doing certain activities like mining for gold when it was struck. When the Cherokee rebelled to move out of their home land the American government used force to move them out and move them west of the Mississippi River. When the American government used force to move the Indians is known as the Trail Of Tears. The American forces moved the Indians that lived in Georgia and its surrounding areas and moved them over 1,200 miles away from their homes and put them west of the Mississippi. 17,000 got removed and out of the 17,000, 4,000 died. Most died from disease, malnutrition, and exposure to the elements.

Time Line

  • 1785 the Treaty of Hopewell was sighed which granted Indians to property rights and mapped out their land. For example they could deal with intruders how ever they want.
  • 1830 Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act.
  • December 29, 1835 the Treaty Of New Echota was signed which made Indians give up their land in the southwest and move west.
  • 1838 Martian Van Bruin sent 7,000 troops to forcefully move the Indians west