Fiction News

By: Lianna Butt

Frenso Middle Students Have Their First Day Back!

It is a hot summer day at Frenso California and it's also the first day of school for many students at Fresno Middle. 6th, 7th, and 8th graders seem somewhat excited for their first day. 8th graders Victor Rodriguez, Micheal Torres, and Teresa tell why there are excited.

"It's great to see my best friend and my girlfriend" said Victor.

"But I'm not looking forward to classes" added Teresa.

"I agree. I wish we had more time with our friends and less time in classes" said Micheal.


Back in the Ring.

Boxing is an old form of athletic competition and is liked by many people in Manhattan including Antonio (Tony) Cruz and Felix Vargas. They went against each other a year ago and Tony won. Today they went at it again for their 2nd annaual fight. With many jabs and punches Felix was the winner.

"It doesn't matter to us, we fight because we love the game." said Felix.

"Yeah, nothing could break our friendship apart. If our fights did we would stop in a heart beat. We are the Amigo brothers and nothing will change that" said Tony.


Today Arturo passed away at age 95. His family has spoken about his death.

"He was special to me and I will always miss him." said his grandaughter Anna.

"I got to learn a lot about him. It is tragic that he passed. We will never forget him and we will always miss him." said grandson Arturo.

Arturo had 6 other brothers. His father was a coffee bean farmer and passed 29 years ago of old age.

Arturo was a teacher and was drafted into the U.S. army due to a war. He became a Janitor cleaning floors and toilets. When he returned home his parents were very sick. Two of his brothers died in the war. He got married and became a farmer.