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Dakota Meadows September Newsletter

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PTA News

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8th Grade Dig It! Field Trip

Dig It! Education Day was an opportunity for area students to learn about the trades. This educational, fun-filled day focused on big equipment that moves, digs, and excavates as well as providing experiences to be hands-on in the skilled trades including carpentry, HVAC, electrician, plumbing, small engine repair, and more….providing a one of a kind hands-on educational experience! This interactive event took place next to Prairie Winds Middle School.

Students spent the morning in two areas of the event. “Trades Alley” which showcased careers and a variety of tools and equipment needed in the trades such as surveying, circuits, geology, curb laying, HVAC, construction, and entrepreneurship. In the “Build-A-Park” area, students participated by using recent classroom lessons in math, social studies, science, and English-language arts to learn about a green space next to the school that will eventually be turned into a park. We appreciated those businesses who volunteered their time to let students apply their classroom learning in this format. Dig It was a great experience for our 8th grade students.

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6th Grade Attends PowWow

Last Friday, the 6th-graders at Dakota Meadows and Prairie Winds attended the Mankato Pow Wow. Students enjoyed everything from a Raptor show, Round Dance, Native American games, arts, music, teepee's, and a great cultural experience. It was an awesome opportunity for students to learn about Dakota history, traditions, and culture. To learn more about the Mahkato Wacipi visit:

Power Pack Program

The Power Pack Program addresses the complex needs of middle school students who may require an additional boost of nutrition and energy to sustain them after school and between extra-curricular activities. Power Packs may also be used to help alleviate hunger on weekends. The packs are discreetly placed into the student's locker on Friday’s or the last day of school before a break, by the school success coaches. You can enroll online at or you can get a paper copy in the school office. Enrollment in the Power Pack Program is FREE of charge for students who need food support after school or on weekends.

Gaga Ball

Students are enjoying the Minnesota fall weather and playing a gaga ball before school and during lunch. The gaga ball pit was donated by the DMMS PTA this summer.

Gaga ball is a game that works perfect for 25 or less students.

Gaga ball rules are simple. Click this link.

Safe Arrival and Departure at DMMS

As always, our goal is the safe arrival and departure for all students, parents and guests. This means that all vehicles entering and leaving the property must participate in assuring safety.

Please adhere to the following expectations to support safety:

  • Buses drop off students in the east lot near the gym (door #8) and pick up from the west lot (door #20) after school.

  • Parents drop off and pick up students in the east parking lot (door #8) near the gym before and after school. Please remain in a single file drop-off/pick-up lane. It is very dangerous when students cross moving lanes of traffic.

  • Use ALL of the sidewalk for dropping off and picking up. This includes from under the basketball hoops around the building to Howard Drive. Pull up as far as possible and students can walk to the door. This will allow more students to be dropped off at a time and the lines to move faster.

  • Please be considerate of other drivers and the safety of their children.

  • Main office entrance (Door #1) is NOT a designated drop-off or pick-up area before or after school. Our buses and special circumstances must have access to this area. ONLY vehicles with parking permits may use this area for drop off and/or pick up. Please respect this request!

  • Student pick-up for an appointment during the school day is located at the main office entrance (door #1).

  • Bikes must be locked upon arrival to the bike rack near the southwest corner of DMMS.

  • Students walking to school enter through the doors located on the east/gym (door #8) side of the school.

  • Activity buses pick up students for athletic practices near door #20, closest to the pond.

  • Students will remain outside until 8:05 a.m. for fresh air and movement.

  • Breakfast will be served in the cafeteria.

Please see the included map diagram for additional information.

Thank you for following these expectations and assuring a safe arrival/departure!

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Mark Your Calendar

October 9 - Two Hour Late Start

October 16 - Vision and Hearing Screening

October 17 - Picture Retake Day

October 18 & 19 - No School - Education Minnesota Days

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