Virginia Commonwealth University

Located in Richmond, Virginia.

Minimum Gpa: 2.5

SAT or ACT scores must me submitted.

Approximatly 2000 dollars to sign up, depending on packages and strand

Must submit a portfolio with 14-16 peices of your work

School of Arts

Bachelors Degree

Need to take 5 Semesters to qualify for B.F.A ( Bachelor of Fine Arts )

Hiking, Biking, Kayaking, and Rafting all nearby, Brown's Island and Maymont are popular to people at this university, many museums aswell

Ranked number 4 in the art schools with a tuition of (OOS) $23,300 and (VA) $9,885

Grants, Scholarships, Federal Work-Studies, and Loans

Football, Basketball, Golf, Track and Field, Baseball, Tennis, and Vollyball.