By- Jackie Grauds

What is the role of DNA in biotechnology?

DNA is used in biotechnology in many different ways, cloning, genetic diseases, murder scenes, are a couple of ways DNA is used in biotechnology.

How is biotechnology used in DNA testing?

Biotechnology is used in DNA testing for scientific research and practical benefits.

How is biotechnology used in the health industry in making medicines like penicillin and insulin?

Biotechnology is used as a big part of the health industry, when making chemically structured antibiotics biotechnology makes the process easier and it will also produce larger amounts of the antibiotic.

How is biotechnology used in agriculture?

Biotechnology is used in agriculture to produce traits for a higher yield or drought tolerance for the plants.

How is biotechnology used in environmental clean-up (bioremediation)?

Biotechnology is used in environmental cleanup during oil or chemical spills, this is when they use microbes to "eat" away oil, chemical, or gasoline.

What are the potential negative impacts of biotechnology?

The cons to biotechnology is its expensive, has a lot of side effects, new organisms can bring new diseases and viruses, and it causes a good amount of pollution.


A chemist is a person who majors and is an expert in chemistry, Chemists are engaged in chemical experiments and research. They use biotechnology on a daily basis when they are making medicines or treatments. Biotechnology is also used by chemists when making chemical based substances. Biotechnology plays a large role in being a chemists.

Duke's ranking in Biotechnology

North Carolina's Duke University, is ranked at number 6 in biotechnology.