The building material that will change the world forever!

What is Wanna-B-Wood?

Well Wanna-B-Wood is a building material that contains the characteristics of wood but made out of recycled and plastic material. Can come in different colors to match your house and also can be burned in fireplaces and wood stoves for heat.

Price = $1.00 per board SQ FT

Get it at your closest retail store!

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  1. Measure approximately how much material you will use and when you order your product add a little more of the material to your list because you might come up short, and Wanna-B-Wood is always returnable and you will get your money back no questions asked.

  2. Order your product

  3. Once it is received you may open the packaging and get to work

  4. Some simple tools you will need will be circular or table saw, hammer or nail gun, nails, a tape measure, and finally a pencil or other writing utensil.

  5. Measure the distance and width of the size needed, measure twice and cut once

  6. Place the piece of product into the area that it was cut for

  7. Nail it to the Wanna-B-Wood that you piece you just cut to it to make it stable and sturdy

  8. Continue this step until you have finish the project

  9. When you are done with the project and you have all of your leftover scraps gathered up in a pail you can put them in your woodstove, fireplace, or you can sit back and have a fire with friends and family and admire the finished product you have worked hard to build.