Lincoln vs. Douglas Debate!

Come watch the first debate ever HERE!

What is it?

Here at The Hanlon Auditorium we will be hosting Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas.

At 12:00 P.M the candidates for senate will be having the first ever debate.

You'll be a witness of this once in a lifetime event.

Intriguing and controversial ideas will be discussed. You don't want to miss it!

Lincoln vs. Douglas Debate

Wednesday, Aug. 25th 1858 at 12pm

Hanlon Auditorium

The Illinois senate canidates, Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas will be debating here.

Additional Information

Stephen Douglas will be representing the Democratic Party and is seeking reelection for a third term as senator. Abraham is seeking to take Douglas' place and will represent the Republican Party .

Topics To Be Discussed:


States' Rights

Popular Sovereignty

And even more!