Open House Science - Natalie Ho

Earthquake PBL

  • Our driving question was: How can we, as structural engineers, construct a two story house in California for Tony Stark that can withstand seismic activity?
  • Our design was ro have the first floor be one room, which was the largest room of the house. It would also be the most supportive since it is the room on the ground. The top room was slightly smaller ans with less support.
  • The first picture is the front view of the model house. The second photo is shwoing the height of the building. The last picture is of our blueprint for the design with all the dimensions.

Atmosphere 30 Hands Project

Here is my 30 Hands project. It shows people's effect on the atmosphere, how we cause it, the effects, and how to solve it. The main focus of slides of how we cause it is carbon dioxide. The project has nine slides. The first is the title, the second is climate change and signs of it, the third is the effects, the fourth is the Greenhouse effect, the fifth is causes of the Greenhouse effect, the sixth is global warming, the seventh is emissions from human activities, the eight is the results or outcome, and the night is my sources.

Invention Convention

Our invention solves the problem of trash in the ocean that harms animals and the less amount of fossil fuels available to burn. For me and Dasong's project, we created the TrashBayMax. It goes across the ocean with a turbine that runs on water. It has three sensors on each of it's sides and back. The front has only two sensors. Those sensors detect any plastic floating in the ocean and collects it with claws coming out of the sides. It puts the trash at the top flap that leads to the trash storage. When the storage is full, the robot maps its location, goes back to land, drops the trash in a recycle center, and goes back to the sea.