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End of September/October 2017 Chalkboard News

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Principal's Note

What a great start to the 2017-2018 school year! Several systemic changes led to a very different start than in years past. First, sharing teacher placements with last year's report cards allowed for us to hold our meet the teacher night/curriculum night before school. The event welcomed students and parents to meet their new teacher, get the school supplies organized and have a better sense of expectations, routines and procedures all before the first official day of school. The event was fun and informative. Students enjoyed a free Kona Ice, played on the new playset and explored their classroom and the building. A special thank you to Jayell BBQ, Texas Roadhouse and parents who prefer to remain nameless, for providing our staff with an amazing meal before the meet the teacher night. Also, a special thanks to Jimmy John's Field for sending out their mascot with free giveaways.

The first day of school was a great success as well. Students who attended the meet the teacher night were confident and well informed as to where to be and how to get there. The staff and I held an expectation assembly in the gym where students were able to learn the building wide routines and procedures they will be practicing and following this school year.

Our new office was another major change from years past. It looks amazing and is almost fully functional. We are still working through some of the minor adjustments, which are not known until the space is utilized on a daily basis. So far, there has been nearly an elimination of access to the building without a specific reason, which is the objective of the secure entry. We are still having a few parents/guardians walking through the open doors as students arrive in the morning. Please be sure to not access the building without going to the office, especially if the doors are open to welcome our students during arrival.

We at Amanda Moore are looking forward to the best school year yet! Each of your children will grow academically, socially and emotionally as we help empower ALL of our students to succeed!

2017-2018 Parent/Student Handbook

Romeo Community Schools has adopted a brand new Parent/Student handbook. The new handbook is available online at the Amanda Moore Webpage. If you require a hard copy of the handbook, we invite you to stop by the office and we will gladly print a copy.

Do you bring your pet to Amanda Moore?

Over the last eight years, we have been very fortunate that we have had pets on the property without incident. Until reading the new handbook, which explicitly prohibits any animals on school property, I was unaware of the board policy, and therefore, I have never enforced the policy. Now that I'm aware of the policy, I am informing all parents, guardians and guests that pets will not be allowed on school property. Below is what is in the handbook located on page 6.

"ANIMALS ON SCHOOL PROPERTY In order to assure student health and safety, animals are not allowed on school property, except in the case of a service animal accompanying a student or other individual with a disability. This rule prohibiting animals on school property may be temporarily waived by the building principal in the case of a unique educational opportunity for students, provided that: (a) the animal is appropriately housed, humanely cared for, and properly handled, and (b) students will not be exposed to a dangerous animal or an unhealthy environment."

Please help the Amanda Moore staff by informing family and friends and reminding those you see with pets on school property.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Playset Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Check out the video below. Edited and produced by Austin in 5th grade.

Congratulations Mrs. Kanai!

Did you know Mrs. Kanai created a DonorsChoose classroom project called "Choose, Move, and Learn!"? Thanks to the generous donations of parents, the community and Mrs. Kanai's family and friends, her classroom is filled with new wobble chairs, as well as other furniture and organizational materials. Way to go Mrs. Kanai!

Teacher Welcome Back Supplies

Thanks to the generous donations of parents, our Amanda Moore teaching staff came back to an amazing display of essential classroom supplies. They were able to select supplies they needed to get the school year off to a great start. Thanks to all who shopped over the summer to make the welcome back supplies a huge hit.

2017-2018 Parent Club

Brand new for this school year, we will be utilizing a "parent club" structure for parent involvement. Our Parent Club will have five (5) meetings throughout the year, roughly one meeting every other month. However, every meeting will be run twice, once in the morning and once in the evening to help accommodate as many different schedules as possible. From surveys given in recent years, we have learned that no meeting time or date will meet everyone's needs, but our goal is to increase participation. At our meetings, we will discuss upcoming events, brainstorm ideas to enhance the educational and social experiences for our students, and discuss curriculum and other building and district initiatives which will impact you and your children.

Our Meeting dates and times are set for the school year:

Tuesday, September 26, @ 9AM & 6PM

Wednesday, November 8, @ 9AM & 6PM

Thursday, January 25, @ 9AM & 6PM

Tuesday, March 20, @ 9AM & 6PM

Wednesday, May 23, @ 9AM & 6 PM

(In addition to this newsletter, the dates and times are also available on the Amanda Moore Calendar online)

Our first meeting will cover the following:

-Building Tour to see the bond updates

-Overview of the 3rd Grade Reading Bill

-Upcoming Events (volunteers & ideas)

We hope to see you at one of the two meeting times on Tuesday, September 26.

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Amanda Moore Elementary School

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  • Dr. Gus Demas, Treasurer
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  • Mrs. Kim Barrows, Trustee

  • Central Office:
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  • Ms. Jennifer McFarlane, Assistant Superintendent for Academic Services
  • Mr. Don Gratton, Executive Director of Facilities & Quality Control
  • Ms. Vicki Laseke, Executive Director of Business and Finance
  • Mr. Mark Nelson, Executive Director of Technology

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