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Week of 6/12 - 6/16

Good Morning Room 305 Families!

Summer Birthdays Party! - For all the kids who have birthdays throughout summer, we didn't forget your birthday! On Thursday, June 22nd, we will be getting together with Mr. Christian's Class to do a HUGE summer birthdays party! So if your birthday is between June 24th and August 30th we want to celebrate YOU! I will be sending home an information sheet about this birthday party. Our class alone has 6 birthdays throughout summer so we want to make sure we don't have 6 sets of cupcakes coming into class! I will send the sheet home in Boomerangs today for you to peruse and if you have a child with a summer birthday, begin talking with them about what they may want to bring in (if anything)!

Last Week of School SPIRIT WEEK: On the last week of school (NEXT WEEK?!) we will be having an all school spirit week! The dress up days are listed below:

  • Monday - Ridgecrest Pride Day - wear RC shirts or BLUE
  • Tuesday - Sports Day!
  • Wednesday - Superhero Day!
  • Thursday - Crazy Hair Day!
  • Friday - Dress up Day!

Math This week, we will finish the Step up to Fourth Grade Lessons (SUTFG)! On Monday, students will use models to add fractions with like denominators. Students will then try to put these sums in simplest form. On Tuesday, students will subtraction fractions with like denominators. Students will then try to put these differences in simplest forms. On Wednesday, we will do our last SUTFG Lesson of the year: decimals.

Reading Groups - This week, students will be meeting in blended reading groups with Mr. Christian’s class Monday through Thursday. The students are reading new books in their reading groups and will be completing a team project for each of their books. This project will require the kids to write chapter summaries as a team for every chapter in the book and illustrate the chapter as well. We will make matchbook foldables to summarize the novels in words and in pictures. We will read these books and take Reading Counts Quizzes on them the last week of school!

Social Studies This week in our Storypath Northwest Coastal Unit, we will engage in a critical event in which they will respond to traders visiting the coast. Students will have to decide how to respond to the traders, trade or not? Students will write about the incident. Next, students will respond to the arrival of settlers. Students will collaborate and discuss how they will respond to either a land dispute or disease. Students will write about this incident. Finally, students will participate in the relocation of the Pacific Northwest Coastal Indians by the settlers and learn about relocation. Students will respond to this critical incident in writing and in character.

Science This week, we will continue our last Science Unit of the year focused on the Physics of Sound. Students will also explore pitch more by using different sized nails and a pencil. One of our last explorations about pitch this week will be using rulers and strumming them over our desks at different lengths to explore pitch. Students will read several nonfiction articles this week about sound, including Thunder and Lightning, Let’s go to the Movies, and The Elephant’s Rumble. We will continue to explore pitch by plucking rulers over desks and by creating a slide whistle and noticing the pitch difference when the air column is long and short. We will also create reed instruments from straws. Last, this week we will begin to learn about the inner workings of the ear and learn about how we hear sounds.

Nightly Homework -

  • Read for 20 minutes each night and get Assignment Sheet signed
  • Bring a snack for each day of the week to be enjoyed at 10am

This Week's Assignments -

  • Math Step Up to 4th Grade Lesson 8 - Due Tuesday
  • Math Step Up to 4th Grade Lesson 9 - Due Wednesday
  • Math Step Up to 4th Grade Lesson 10 - Due Thursday

Coming up -

- Monday June 12th – Field Trip to the Burke Museum 11:15-2:30pm

- Wednesday June 14th – Visit from the King County Librarian

- Wednesday June 14th – Instrumental Concert

- Thursday June 15th - Buddies with Mrs. Bender 9:45-10:35

- Friday June 16th – Happy Birthday Shannon!

Student of the Week!!!

  • Congratulations Eva Wagner for Patience at school!
  • We're focusing on Teacher's Choice this week!

Down below, look for your child's LOCKER NUMBER (they should know and if you don't know, to preserve confidentiality, email me and I can let you know what they're number is) and you will see if your child has turned in all of his/her first week's assignments. Find their number, look down and green indicates it was turned in. Red means I don't have it yet. REMEMBER: This could mean that your child finished it, but hasn't put it in the "In-Bin" yet. Check with them if you're sure you completed it together! Email me with questions!

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