Science Fiction and Historical Fiction


Writing that is a product of the imagination!

Ficiton text is not real text, it is often reffered to as fake text. The text in fictional books is not true. An easy way to remember this is saying fiction=fake.

Historical Fiction

Based on or around a person or event from History. It is usually a story that happened sometime in the past. HIstorical Fiction books can sometimes state dates of which the book had taken place and the time period the story might have happened.

Example: Number The Stars

Science Fiction

Dealing with aliens, the future,or advanced technology. Dealing with futuristic things fiction books can often keep you on your toes and wanting more. They're interesting and always suspenceful. Science Fiction books are really furturistic and interesting, I personally love these books, they're my favorite!

Example: Branded

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Famous Fiction Authors

Some fiction writing authors are: Lois Lowrey, William Shakespear, Barbara Cartland, Agetha Christi, Danielle Steel, Harold Robbins, and our favorite, Dr.Suess. These are just a few of the many bestselling authors!