"I Dare Ya Ta Enta Our Turf!"

Welcome to West Side Story!

Come down to see West Side Story Live at NBTHS!

  • Location: North Brunswick Township Highschool
  • Showing Dates: December 4,5,6
  • Time: 7:00pm-9:00pm (For All 3 Showings)

West Side Story

The play adapted from the famous Romeo and Juliet. West Side Story will make you re-think the meaning of "true love" and "love at first sight". It will make you think twice about not following that gut feeling you have. (Which nine times out of ten will probably be accurate.) This show is all about gangs that once your apart of there is no going back. "When your a jet your a jet!" Says Malissa showing her love for this magnificent play. This play also includes "Turf" wars (disputes over territory), loyalty, trust, and romance. If you are interested in any of the above things mentioned...than this is the show for you!
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Now you shall witness the opening. To those who have never seen West Side Story, this is where the two gangs are introduced. The Sharks from puerto rico and The Jets from America. You will also notice how they incorporated dance sequences in this opening. Making the characters look manly, yet majestic.
West Side Story - Prologue - Official Full Number - 50th Anniversary (HD)

Women are Always Right

Now we shall witness the scene where the Puerto Rican women (Including Anita and ensemble) try to convince the Puerto Rican men (Including Bernardo, Chino, and Ensemble) that life is better in America. Even though the men try to retaliate by saying everything wrong with America (from a non-white person's point of view). It's also one of my favorite songs In this entire play. With such energy, fun, and playful badinage. It's impossible not to love!

My favorite lyrics:

Bernardo (Anita's Boyfriend/ Leader of The Sharks): "Everywhere grime in America. Organized crime in America. Terrible time in America."

Anita: "You forget I'm in America."

West Side Story-America

Slight Changes

Instead of having Tony kill, the love of his life, Maria's brother. We have Riff and Bernardo stab each other at the same time. Killing each other at an instant. Tony witnesses It and tries to think of a way to tell Maria that her brother is dead. He runs into Anita first and tells her the news. Anita is heart broken and realizes that Maria must know. Tony suddenly disagrees and grabs Anita by the arm holding her back. Anita snatches away and starts off. He accidentally drives Anita into the street where she gets hit by a car and is hospitalized.
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