Hank Aaron

A baseball mentor

Why i selected this individual

Hank Aaron stands in Baseball history with beating Babe Ruths record. Although he was hated because of his race from white fans. He took all of the death threats and still beat Babes record. I chose him for all of these reasons.

What this individual has accomplished

Hank Aaron accomplished what most thought was impossible and that was hitting more home runs then one of the biggest icons in baseball. Not only did he do it but he took very much hate while he was doing it. Prejudice fans would send him and his children death threats right before he beat the home run record.

The values of this person

this individual shows courage, respect, and responsibility. He shows courage through staying in the game no matter what other people think. He shows respect by never responding to any of the fans that hated him. Responsibility by keeping his cool for his team and family.

A good mentor

He is a mentor for everyone that wants to stand up for what they believe. No matter who doesn't believe in you. You have to keep trying no matter what. He tried his best to and he achieved higher than even he thought he would. He kept a record for 40 years.
Yankees Hank Aaron - Interview/Part I